Saturday, April 14, 2012

Out My Window & Updates

I look past the pipes & cinder block!

Looking out is sometimes looking in...
Cleaning out is sometimes looking in too. 
Choosing which magazines to purge.
There are many.
Deciding how to best choose fabrics to stay...or go.
There is a lot.
Enjoying the process.
Enjoying the view, both in & out.

Introducing...Goldie Girl!  You should see when the sunlight shines through her wings!  Look at her eye!

The moon, she has her face!  Two rocks at the bottom.

In case you missed it in the top photo, this is the Mama Rose...doing Great!!!

So, the invite it still extended.  If you'd like a little gift...
Ya know what they say, "One man's trash is another man's treasure!"
I'm afraid I need to keep it to US addresses only, as the shipping is so costly.
 Take care everyone and have a great weekend!

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2012


Anonymous said...

i would be interested in fabric. i've gathered some from recycling clothing but i don't have much of a variety.
any help would be greatly appreciated.

jenclair said...

You are right -- cleaning out is "sometimes looking in too." I had not thought of it that way before.

Love the moon's cheerful face, Nancy!

Glad to see how Mama Rose is thriving.

Sandy at Discovery Cloth said...

Slowing down and simplifying.... it's all good. Your views inside and out are spectacular! xo

Nancy said...

Anonymous~ We'll talk!

Jenclair~ Thanks :) And Mama Rose has soooo many buds!

Sandy~ All good...

Jeannie said...

I just came in from pruning and giving my roses epsom salts. Our weather had been so odd and the garden is as confused as I am. I love the way the "pipes" under the hummers chin glimmer in the sunshine. Wishing you sunshine and easy breathing.

woman with wings said...

Nancy, so glad MamaRose is doing well -- yay!

How on earth did you get such a great photo of a hummingbird??!*! A fabulous moon face you've stitched on your blanket there and I'm loving the moonrocks. Cool! xoxo

Drucilla Pettibone said...

love seeing bits of your inside/outside. i've been sorting and purging too AND i'm reluctant to ask you for more gifties!! i'm still so enjoying the stash you sent me. but if anyone doesn't claim your studio inspiration magazines, i love those. they probably show lots of storage solutions hehe! i'd pay postage of course.

Deb G said...

Out in the garden today I heard that special buzz and looked up to see a hummingbird in the quince. I love that they find flowers that they like in the garden.

Leslie said...

Hi Nancy,
I need to do some cleaning out here as well. Keep thinking it will happen, but now the weather outside is calling me to the garden and those tasks. I must find a way to do it all!

Rebecca Sower is collecting fabric to create quilts and other items to help the people of Haiti. This might be another place for your overflow to go.

handstories said...

"looking in", yes! though looking in i often see a pack rat who can't let go, getting better though, especially w/others inspiring. & good to see mama rose.

Nancy said...

Peggy~ How? By first taking a TON of horrible ones!!! Ha! Really just jumped up off the couch camera in hand. Moonrocks, I like that :) Yes Yay for Mama Rose! Now to succeed in getting rid of the aphids :(

Dru~ Ah, but gifties are so fun! Magazines are set aside with your name on it :)

Deb~ The humming birds are so loud! These like the camellia bush too, but seem to prefer the easy meal!

Leslie~ Thank you for the link, I will keep it in mind as I go.

Cindy~ For some reason the pack rat in me is changing. I like that. Yes Mama Rose :)

Penny Berens said...

Can't wait for the humming birds to reach us up here...not warm enough yet. He's a little beauty.

Nancy said...

Penny~ They sure are fun to watch!

Nancy said...

Jeannie~ Ah yes, so glimmering makes the pipes not such an eye sore, eh!!!?
PS I am not sure how to get your comments to post, they keep going into the spam...and I say, "Stop it! She is not spam...she is a very nice lady!" But, that hasn't worked yet. The little bloggers still do whatever they want!!! Darn them.
So, I apologize for responding so slowly :)