Monday, April 2, 2012


In celebration of the one & only me!
5 things I bet you never knew about me:

  1. I am in a photograph in a Beach Boys concert booklet.
  2. I adore the book "The Egg and I" by Betty MacDonald.
  3. As a young dreamy, romantic teen, I bought many heather plants because of the movie version of Wuthering Heights.  They all died a quick death in the SoCal heat.
  4. When jumping rope, I never seem to get past 3 jumps.  Ever.
  5. I do not like eggs and haven't eaten one since 1980, but I've loved sunflower seeds since I was a kid.

Today is my birthday.  Almost and April's Fool baby!
My mom was great at making me feel important and special everyday, but especially on my birthday.  I was celebrated!  Every year she told me my birth story and I grew to look forward to these moments.  I grew to love, to treasure them.
In a nutshell, I was born in New York city and when she went into the hospital everything was bleak and gray...but low & behold when she came out a week later...everything was blooming and bright...and she had her brand new spring baby girl!
That's a darn good birth story, if you ask me!

So, what makes you your unique self?  What can we celebrate about You?
If you'd like to play along, leave a comment telling of 5 things about you and we'll be sure to celebrate them!  Or share your birth story, if you'd like!

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2012


jenclair said...

Happy Birthday! Cute pictures of little you!

The Wuthering Heights story is great, Nancy. When I was in college, I was talking about scenes from books that had stayed in my mind and mentioned the scene in Rebecca where she first approaches Manderlay and describes the rhododendrons. The next day, I received a floral arrangement of azaleas. I didn't know they were the same thing (at least the same genus)! That I had access to the beauty of Manderlay and didn't know it.

Oh, the influences of literature!

deanna7trees said...

happy, happy birthday. i'll be back later to add 5 things.

Jeannie said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!!! Wishing you a new year full of creativity and joy! My BIL was born yesterday. ;)
l. I was a month late and almost born in Alaska, which wasn't a state at the time.
2. I was breech and my Gram teased me that I was ass backwards my whole life. (It was her way of telling me I was special and different - something I embrace now.)
3. I moved plants from my Gram's home north of Seattle to the desert side of the state. They thrived - I think she helped from above.
4. I have sensed ghosts and had them talk to me. (No mind altering drugs either! lol!)
5. My favorite book as a child was The 5 Little Peppers and How They Grew. It taught me that you can overcome hardship and thrive.

Mo Crow said...

Happy Birthday Nancy!
ohhh please share the photo from the Beach Boys concert pamphlet & I will have to read "The Egg & I"
gosh I don't know what to say re the 5 unique things... ummmm...
- I'm a Pisces along with the other 12th of the world's population
- born in Tulsa and can't tell you how many times I've heard the opening line from "Oklahoma" sung really badly
- am still an old hippie and proud of it
- I love crows
- & cats

saskia said...

Happy Birthday Nancy!!

how lovely of your mother to share this birth story with you and for you to share it with us!! it is a wonderful thing, motherhood, the two (8 hour) moments I cherish are the births of our two sons, I tell them every day I love them (at least once)I love dancing (although some would call it jumping like mad)reading detectives relaxes me, I could not survive without tea and need a walk and a breath of fresh air daily, I guess these are 5 things about me

deanna7trees said...

i'm back with 5 things...
i danced on the Alan Freed tv show when i was in my teens; i was on the front page of the Daily News in NYC when a barrier was knocked down at an Elvis Presley concert (i was never crazy about him but my friends dragged me there);i expect to live a healthy 120 years; i don't ever get lonely or bored (i'm borderline hermit); i'm also a pisces and just turned 70.
a fun post Nancy. hope your having a fabulous birthday.

woman with wings said...

Happiest of birthdays, dear Nancy! Here are five things I know about YOU: You are a great resource for cool websites, you love nature, you love photography, you are a mother, and you are a wonderful person. So there! ;-))) I love your blog, too. xoxo

Anonymous said...

well happy birthday Nancy!! Thank you for sharing.

Five things people don't know about me....hmmm I tend to share a lot so I'm sure that I've somewhere shared these before but

1) I've always wanted to learn to pole dance. I watch the big competition clips and am amazed at the artistry (seriously) and athletic ability of the women.

2) The first baby I ever held was my daughter. She has definitely been raised by trial and error. Mostly a lot of error.

3) I love to fish...bait my own hook and everything. Started when I was a bitty girl.

4) I have an overwhelming desire to learn a lot of "manly" activities like....fixing marksmanship. I dream of actually building my own home.

5) I am truly blessed with wonderful, beautiful, amazing friends from my online community.

Thank you! and Happy Birthday.

handstories said...

Oh, happy day to you!!! This was a darn good post! I'll have to think about my five things.... and I agree with Peggy! There's something lost in my house that I've been looking for to send you....hopefully before your next birthday!

Robyn A said...

Hey Nancy - happy birthday! What a great idea - 5 things, hmmmm- 1) I am a Taurean and was born during a cyclone at Coffs Harbour in Australia 2) I am the eldest of 9 children 3) I love spending time alone (see 2) and never get bored 4)I love to stitch, bead, knit, collage and 5)I would love to travel to the U.S. and meet some of my blog friends. Happy day!

Nancy said...

Thank you everyone for the lovely birthday wishes! And thanks for playing along too!

Jenclair- Isn't it amazing how certain books, words, phrases really stay with you?!

Jeannie- Happy BD to your BIL!
I like your birth story. Sounds like you had a great Gram! Ghosts, eh?! Maybe I should write about the UFO I saw! Truth. I never have read the Peppers...yet!

Mo- I will did out the Beach Boys photo. I warn you I am teeeny tiny in it! MY guy was born in Norman OK! Hippies...right on!

Saskia- And she Did share it...Every Year!! Once I grew up past my eye-rolling "Oh mother" saying - I loved it!!! When you mentioned your dancing, I immediately pictured Elaine dancing on the Seinfeld show!! SO funny! I wish I liked tea...I like the idea and comfort and calmness of tea, but not the taste!

Deanna- Really on the Alan Freed show? Wow! I was not a huge EP person either, except for his love-struck gooey movies! (At 53 I'm lots younger than you!) This online world is great for hermits!

Peggy- Thank you! I'm glad you love it here :)

Serena- Those pole dancers have great abs!!! I've only caught one fish...hated it...felt like a murderer, feeling the hook going in. I admire women who can do manly stuff - my neighbor is like that.

Cindy- Oooh something for moi?!

Robyn- During a cyclone?!! Wow! 9 children! Whew :)

Thanks again everyone!

Ulrike said...

a belated Happy Birthday from me as well, dear Nancy.
Funnily, The Egg and I was one of my first favourite "grown-up" novels. One thing I will ever remember is her neighbour's trick with the onions in the pan. This and some inner pictures of steep mountains and wet forests. I don't know why esp these tidbits stuck in my brain. I really should read it again.
I hope you will have lots and lots of birthdays before you. And maybe I will be on time for your next ;o)

Ms. said...

Belated but delighted I did not miss the chance to wish you the best year yet, You are such a treasure. Great to read about others too....1. my birth story is traumatic so I won't tell it 2. I have always loved horses as you might read on my blog today. 3. I am an escaped Catholic 4.I've done some fairly enlightening drugs in my day, and so not regret it on bit 5. I am a lousy cleaner but so neat you might never know it.

Nancy said...

Nemo- Thank you so much! It's fun to have the birthday celebrated for a long while :)
I always remember the very beginning where she recommends you support your husband in what he does and not expect something different ("If you marry a doctor, don't whine because he doesn't keep the hours of a shoe clerk, and by the same token if you marry a shoe clerk, don't complain because he doesn't make as much money as a doctor. Be satisfied that he works regular hours." Take the women are subservient to men aspect out of this and it is a real truth to living in the moment, with what you have and practicing gratitude. I loved Gammy and how she slept and banged the men's shoes and her 'aperns', the 'heart medicine' and on and on! All of that is before she even gets to the chicken farm! I need to read it again too :)

Michelle~ Thank you :) I did read your 'horse' blog post and loved it! I think we share a lack of cleaning!