Tuesday, April 3, 2012

It doesn't take long
to reach the shore.
A fierce cold wind,
keeps us from staying too long.
The sky opens up,
Sea stretches to forever.
We can hold it in our hearts,

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2012


deanna7trees said...

such calming, meditative images.

jude said...

nothing like the shore

Robyn A said...

I can just feel that sea breeze scouring everything, including cares and worries, clean and down to the bone. Lovely shots!

Ms. said...

Longing for the sea, I see it here, and oh so artful the stones and wood artifacts; lovely lovely lovely.

Jeannie said...

I was born by the sea and then moved to the desert. I hope to return to live by the sea again. The air is different there and I miss it. Thanks for a peek and heartwarming photos.

woman with wings said...

Beautiful words, beautiful photos. Made me feel so good. xo

blandina (aracne) said...

Your words are like a poem and the pictures remind me of the shore in winter, so majestic. I like the collection of stones, I always loved to collect shells and stones on the beach.

jenclair said...

I love your photos!

Serena said...

these are nice and peaceful.

handstories said...

lucky you, by the shore!

Nancy said...

Deanna~ yes, calming.

Jude~ my shore, your're right nothing like the shore - for sure!

Robyn~ Breeze, Mmmm...more like whipping wind! Thanks :)

Michelle~ Yes I would miss it. I like knowing it's close by.

Peggy~ I'm glad you feel good.

Blandina~ Thank you. I always leave a cairn behind.

Jenclair~ Thank You!

Serena~ I agree :)

Cindy~ Yes, very lucky!

Nancy said...

Jeannie~ How lucky for you to have such different experiences.