Monday, April 9, 2012

Crazy Growth ~ Announcement!

Growth Swirls

 OK, so here is the announcement:
It seems I'm in a forever stage of cleaning out. 
But, it's working.  A lot of physical items found new homes in March and it feels really good.  I've been deciding on an April plan here it is the 8th already!  But, what I've decided for this month is to work on a couple of larger tasks, which I have been doing this first week.  Here is one of them:
There are things in my studio I just no longer need.  Nothing wrong with them and they will be quite useful to someone else, I'm sure.
I am ready to let go of some fabric and art magazines.
So, I'm offering them to others.  If you're interested, let me know and we can work out the specifics.
  • doll making
  • mixed media
  • quilting (some with patterns) 
  • studio inspirations
  • Mostly quilter's cottons, lots of different prints.
 I've yet to completely go through it all, but I've begun to set things aside.  
Sometimes growth happens in swirls, not in one organized ring after another.  What was once interesting and inspiring moves on to mere memory.  Tastes change, focuses change, plans change.  What was once in your mind to do becomes a layer in the process and then shows up in another way.  Make sense?
Anyway, I just want to put the word out...I'll update as needed. 

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2012


jude said...

gosh, this sounds familiar.

deanna7trees said...

fabulous image. i've been spreading my excess stuff around locally.

Ms. said...

My "collections"--always a subject of interest to me....the detritus of decades, in closets and drawers, and all over the map of my fertile imaginations, through three or more "career" paths and endless in variety. It's three walk up flights up and dawn, with a heavy wheeled rolling cart to the good will, opera thrift or or housing works stores....but first, bags have to be acquired, and time for sorting, and strength to climb up to a loft, and nothing else to interfere. Sometimes I mail things but money is an issue. More than anything, the decision making is the most time consuming part, and energy is another barrier. Motivation is the key for me. Paper shredding is another ordeal...slow and tedious beyond belief (how I wish for a place to burn things. Books are a big deal...just the weight of them and I need help but can't afford to hire helpers. Friends have their own burdens, I'm going outside to get some air, and carting a bag of clothes to the thrift.

Nancy said...

Jude~ Yep, I think we've all got this going on!

Deanna~ That stump really caught my eye! I have a more local source I am considering too.

Michelle~ Oh, I hear you!!! The apartment I grew up in had an outdoor incinerator.

jenclair said...

Do NOT tempt me! I'm trying to de-clutter some of my own stuff; not that it makes much difference, because now I want yours!

Nancy said...

Jenclair~ Yep I thought of you with the doll magazines!

Janet said...

lol - don't we all need to do this! Hard to let go of what was once a treasure.

Nancy said...

Janet, yes we do!!! What a process :)