Friday, September 23, 2011

We Are OK

Every time I see one of Jude's photographs of 'where the children play' feather, this video comes to mind.  As I look at the dancing children figures on fabric, I see the moment where the children dance in a circle as Joshua Radin sings, "This is how we used to play". 
I feel such a deep connection there, as a teacher, as a parent, but most importantly as the child I once was...the child who still lives inside me. 
I like this song so much.  I like it because I was introduced to it in this video.  They are a perfect match, aren't they?!
And as the video closes, "teach the class you needed when you were 10" comes on the screen. I see this and read the words, hearing the message of this. I feel this and I am back at Camp Kinneret, I am running through the sprinklers and hanging from the birch trees out front. 
I am walking under the ivy covered arch and into the treasure filled house for art class.
These are places, experiences that are deeply embedded in every fiber of who I am.  There is not a way to write of them, because I know I will not paint a picture that will enable you to see what I see in my head and heart.  There are no aged yellowing photographs of these places, their stronghold on my memory is the only way to keep their lessons alive.
When I describe the secret room that was created by closing the chain link gate against the 5 foot high trimmed bushes that lined the side of our apartment building, the ones that had berries we could eat, use to 'write' on the pavement or mix into our concoction of survival food in the games of our imagination...can you see the magic, the potential in your head as your 10 year old self?
What did you need when you were 10? 
What do you need now?
Inside each of us is a sacred space.  When we can remember to care for that space for ourselves and for others and for the children.
It will be a much kinder world, won't it?
Close your eyes...listen to this song and have a great weekend.
(Psst...and then maybe listen to We Are OK again too!)

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deanna7trees said...

yes to it all...and earlier today, I wrote 'peace will come to all only after we each find peace within ourselves'---to be embroidered on some cloth.

Nancy said...

Deanna- yes, I am convinced if everyone made art it would solve so many problems.

jude said...

when i was 10 i stated to make my own clothes. we had no TV so i spent a lot of time outside. i was a girl scout. i decided i wanted to go to art school. my dad taught me how to do watercolour skies

Anonymous said...

this is more than ok & very alright! thanks for sharing.

Nancy said...

Jude- Yes this sounds like you! Lucky to share art with your Dad. Watercolors are my favorite paint :)

Cindy- You bet! Did you know the song at the end? I thought you might.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

i don't remember being 10.
i remember before
i remember after
a long space in the middle

10. am thinking about ten.....

Nancy said...

To me, the 10 of our day was being where where you still knew, but were quickly moving towards not knowing.
Nowadays I think that happens much younger.

woman with wings said...

Nancy, just wonderful. I love remembering/retrieving my maiden energy. To this day, it carries me.

We ARE all okay and thanks to you for reminding us. xo

Nancy said...

Peggy-'maiden energy'...yes I could use some of that!

Anonymous said...

yes, i do know that song, but had forgotten about it- thanks!