Friday, September 2, 2011

Sunflowers or a New Pet

Lots of eating and growing!  Only one left now.  Where did the other one go?
Taking a rest...already!
A little flower begins to grow

Look at this odd leaf!  It is growing off the middle of the host leaf.
         A fold and a protrusion all at once!  

And then there is this little one!  Anyone know what it is?
Goodnight Small World!
Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2011


Sandra said...

Hi Nancy, thanks for the link on Jude's blog about decision making.
Really interesting.
Hope the catepillar won't eat all your plants. Last year I planted woad, and they gradually got less and less leaves, it took me some time to find the identically green very tiny catepillar who was feasting on the woad plant :)

ACey said...

I too enjoyed the decision making piece - once I got past deciding whether to read it right away or bookmark for later - ha! My sunflowers have behaved strangely this year. Some never emerged at all. Some grew branches when they weren't supposed to be that type. Some formed leaves within leaves like you show here. Some keep growing taller and taller but still no sign of flower heads ...

Nancy said...

Sandra- Well now it's tucked into a nice little bed, so I think the feasting is done for this little one! Crazy how much was eaten! But, much more was not! Yea!!! Even the ones munched down to a stem, are continuing to grow! So we'll see what's next.
I found the article interesting and hope to remember it the next time I am making an important decision :)

Acey- I am not a gardener, so this is just pure fun! Now if we knew why our HUGE tomato plant will not grow a tomato! HA
It has had lots of flowers, but they just wilt and fall off :(
I think maybe the article is the kind to read now and later too, so you can remember it!!!