Monday, September 19, 2011

Beginnings and Endings

This weekend was filled with beginnings and endings.

Saturday my dear friend's daughter was married...
filling the afternoon with young love and hopes for a bright future.

The pure joy on the faces of my friend and her husband fills my heart to overflowing.
The sun set over the pacific, edging the ceremony into the dreamlike state of a beautiful recent memory.

...and as the sun set the celebration fell into full swing.  Food, music, dancing and toasts to honor the bride and groom...

May their love provide a richness of experience as deep as the sea and as interesting and textured as the many grains of sand.
Congratulations Michelle and Jay!

On Sunday the chairs were set out for a different occasion.
They were an invitation to gather and celebrate the life of an amazing man.
The cars that line the street as far as the eye can see are a strong indication of a life lived well.
Family, friends and colleagues step up to the microphone to share their stories.  Gray-haired men spoke of being one of Edie's Boys.  With tears in his eyes, a man claims Ed was the best edu-mentor in his life.  I reflect on what I lessons I have learned from this man.  Through their tears and laughter I get to know another side of a man I've known my whole life.
This man who worked with the youth of the city, who worked from his heart.This man who worked with his hands, creating beautiful, functional works of art from pieces of raw wood.
This man who loved nothing more than family, friends, sharing food and a great story, all centered around values you can hang your hat on.
He and his wife, married 60 years, were very longtime friends of the family. We often joked about the way she and my mother were often confused for one another or I was thought to be their daughter.
A deep bond was built over a lifetime of shared experiences.
He was proud and loving and I am honored to have been a part of his life.

Ed, you will be missed - loved - remembered...
Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2011


Anonymous said...

oh, it all goes around and around, doesn't it?
you've shared beauty from both sides of the circle.

Penny Berens said...

One beautiful ceremony to mark the beginning of a couple's memories and another equally beautiful celebrating the end of a journey. A special weekend indeed.

woman with wings said...

These heartfelt sentiments are beautiful, Nancy. And your sharing them makes me feel like I know you a little better now...

Those saws say a lot. xo

Nancy said...

Cindy- Yes, I felt like all that was missing was the birth of a new little one :)

Penny- Yes, there seemed to be a certain power in experiencing these two events so close together.

Peggy- Those saws speak volumes, don't they.

Ingrid said...

Beautifully written Nancy. An emotional weekend.

Nancy said...

Ingrid- Yes, it did leave me quite emotional.