Tuesday, May 22, 2012

'Rock the Rhythm, Beat the Odds'

Here is a taste of the Rock the Rhythm, Beat the Odds event.  
It was so wonderful to see all of the buses pull up and the kids in their colored t-shirts streaming in.  Two years in the making, I felt proud to see the community come together to promote/support the arts in education, especially during these financially difficult times.

College of the Canyons, Remo of Remo drums and the local K-12 Arts Education Outreach 
and local school districts came together to put on this great event.  
We are so lucky to have these organizations and companies right here in our valley.  This event was filled with the generosity of Remo Belli (aren't the 'sound shapes' he donated way cool?) and many stars in the music industry donating their time and talent.
Here are some of them:
Mickey Hart - The Grateful Dead, The Mickey Hart Band
John Densmore - The Doors
Rikki Rockett - Poison, Rockett Drum Works
Poncho Sanchez - "the king of conguero"
Gorden Campbell - Jessica Simpson, George Duke
Eric "E-Panda" Hernandez - Bruno Mars, Taio Cruz
Mike Phillips - Janelle Monáe 


To see a bit more, there are some nice photos at the  
They really give a feel of what it was like being there.
They have also posted a video.

I personally love drum circles.  I've been to a couple others in years past.  They were a much, much, much smaller gathering being used as a fundraiser for a school I used to work for.  
Yep, even me who shies away from crowds on a regular basis...even me who generally cannot make music on her own, even me who doesn't always hold the beat real well!
If you have never attended a drum circle, I highly recommend it.
There is something magical about a group of people coming together for the first time and being able to create music together!  If you can follow can participate in a drum circle!  
I particularly like the part where we all end at once!  
BOOM!!!  Silence.

These 2 young women were signing the whole event for the deaf & hard of hearing participants.  I could kind of tell how they were demonstrating the drum patterns.  In this picture they are signing "applause".  That sign I know!
Imagine how it must have FELT to be in the stands surrounded by so much vibration!

There are so many positive benefits that come from drumming together.
Remo does a lot of work with the connection of health and drumming.
If you check out their Health Rhythms page and associated links, 
I'm sure you will find it interesting and inspiring too!
While we may not know for a few weeks if the record was broken according to Guinness's standards, the enjoyment and celebration by all who participated was a definite success!
Now, I think I'll go bang a drum!

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2012


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woman with wings said...

Nancy, what a great time, so glad you got to be a drummer woman! xo

deanna7trees said...

sounds like fun.

saskia said...

sounds and looks like it was a great, fun day

Nancy said...

Thanks for stopping in everyone :) A couple hours in the hot sun with some drumming thrown in can do right by me!

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what a joyful event!

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Cindy~ I smiled a lot :)