Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Gift

 Here is a little gift for a dear long-time friend.
A little mini-quiltie hanger, open back.
It's only 4.5wide X 5.5tall.  It's a tiny one :)
She loved it!
The first thing she said was that it was "her colors"...but I knew that!
She traced the vines with her finger and
asked about it's creation and design.
She held it still while I finished off the braided/knotted hanger.
The collaboration warmed my heart.

She thinks it will hang in her work-out room, on a window latch.
She said there is nothing to look at in that room,
so she was excited to have something pretty to look at while working out.
As much as I wasn't a 'heart person' in the past...I seem to be gravitating towards them lately (and moons too, it seems).  This one symbolizes the feelings of being with a good friend...the joy of long-time relationships...being over the moon!
I like the back just as much.  But, you knew that!

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2012


Yvonne said...

What a beautiful gift full of heart!

saskia said...

this is so cute and I really like the way you let it hang, and the open back! am a fan of the not-to-be-seen-side.

jenclair said...

A lovely gift! I love the way this is a gift of time and thoughts with a treasured friend in mind.

lynda merry said...

Love seeing the back - all those stitches. No better gift than one made by hand. Really beautiful Nancy...

Mo'a said...

Hello Nancy, I love it that you are giving your friend one of your creations. It is beautiful and I am sure she will treasure it always.

deanna7trees said...

so nice to give a gift that is so well appreciated. it is lovely. you are lucky to have such a friend.

Nancy said...

Yvonne~ Thank you!

Saskia~ I like it letting it all hang out too :)

Jenclair~ I like sew for others best.

Lynda~ I like the homemade too :)

Mo'a~ I usually give away what I make.

Deanna~ I was glad for her appreciation. She has an old goofy piece of pottery I made too! I am always grateful for friendships :)

helen said...

I'm better at sewing for others too....inspiration comes easier and the flow is better.

I love "her colours" and your design and stitches, and how the back says ELO (one of my favourite bands!!)....oh...and the buttons you chose....such a beautiful gift.

Nancy said...

Helen~ Haha it Does say ELO!!! My guy dug through the button jar and following my directions picked out possible choices! It pays to have help when you're pressed for time :)

Janet said...

Lovely colors - and theme! What a lucky friend - and I'm sure, deserving. I think we can embrace the heart again - it has come home. Love the Kantha glow too.

Nancy said...

Janet~ Thank you...yes we can embrace the heart again!

blandina (aracne) said...

This piece is awsome, so many different technniques. I would like to have a closer look!

Nancy said...

Blandina~ Thank you for the nice comment. If you click on the photo, it will enlarge it :)