Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Michelle's Gift

You may remember from this post
for my one year celebration here at pomegranate trail
that Michelle
was the winner of my give-away!

A tease of a photo, announcing the give-away!

Now that she has received her gift in the mail, I can share a bit of it here.
It began with a little box I found, altered and filled with fabric.

Altered box!

It grew to include a weaving I did especially for whoever would be the winner.
The weaving part is complete, it will be a medicine bag.  I love making these and this one ends up being the straightest one I've ever made!  How exciting!  
If you like, you can read more about how I make these woven bags here.

A beautiful AND straight weaving!
Then, I started a little cloth in the week surrounding my give-away announcement.

Remember when you were in school...grade school, and the teacher would present a "story starter"?  There would be a prompt, a get you going.  Then you would carry on, in your own way.  Everyone would end up with a different story.  Their own story.
Well, that's the idea I had in my head for this little cloth.  
Just a little something to get one going. 

So, I began the cloth.

I've seen many crafters, artists who do give-aways, giving away something they have made.  While I love that, for me it felt presumptuous of me to assume that what I enjoy making, is something people would want to win.  Does that make sense?  I don't usually sell my work (yet!) and so I don't know if anyone wants it!!!  Haha
My solution was to gift someone with something made, some raw materials and something they could either leave as is or add to it in their own way.  A 'story starter'.  
But, being the thinker that I am...I also felt it may be rude to assume someone would want to collaborate with me on a stitching project.  Forced collaboration, not so good.
So, I carefully stitched in a way that it could be left as is or added to.
I left loose fabrics and empty spaces.
I left room for additional stitches and mosaic weavings.
I left room for the story to continue!
All of these gifts could be kept or passed along in one way or another.

Gifts & Milo

In the photo above of the cloth with Milo, I thought the cloth was 'done' 
and ready to be sent along to Michelle. 
I took it on a little photo shoot in the back yard.  It was a very willing participant posing on the fence, the rosemary & lavender bushes, the apricot tree and my Mama Rose bush.  We had a grand time together :)

Gifts & the solar eclipse
However, as you can see in the photo above...the cloth wanted more!
These two gifts went on a few journeys with me, 
absorbing energy and experiences that would become a part of the 'gift'.

The moon (hiding behind the medicine bag here) was added during the super moon, we traveled to the Museum of Tolerance, the beach, the Skirball and the drum circle.
I placed a few special items in the medicine bag.
I added more stitches and some words on the back.

Words on the back
At last, I felt like I was done with my part.  I gathered all of the elements included in the total give-away 'gift' and some special fabrics I had put aside during my fabric/magazine clean-out!

Ready to go!

I have always known that I find the most joy in creating things for others.  That is why I am left with very little of my own work.  I love the making part and the giving part!
I am so happy, grateful really, to have had the chance to make the gifts you've seen here.
This was both a fun and meaningful expression of who I am.
I hope you enjoy them as well Michelle!
In friendship, Nancy

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2012


Ms. said...

Tuesday May 29th
Making things for others is not like making things for oneself--
It's more like singing thrust on to a passing wind wherever the
wind wants to wander--a shifting from inward to outward sight.
An extra joy comes into the fingers, making them nimble then.

The doorbell rang this afternoon, and a tired voice said "Package for you."
I knew it was the one from you. "wait, I'll come right down. The postman was not the usual postman, but a very old man, perhaps 65 or more. he was sweet. Such a hot day. I thought he was probably working as long as he could because of our stressed economy, and asked if he wanted some water. "no, thanks" he said, "I have water in the truck." Back up three flights to my apartment, I went straight to the table and dis-assembled my gifts, laying them out on the daybed, reading the handmade card, and all the printing on the back of the woven 'prompt' piece, taking the sea glass and shell from the lovely woven bag, and unfolding the various materials, fingering the threads, buttons, and that little felt heart, scanning the pages of the article 'Urban Fabric'. Then, I got my camera, took some snapshots, downloaded them to the computer and sent my email off to you. I may take the prompt and continue, but I so love the piece as it is--like a native American flag. Right now it's pinned to a navy blue pillow propped up on a chair for me to look at for a while. Everything else is sitting on the round blue table glowing. The woven bag, however has joined a few other treasure bags which hang from a deer antler. I'm thinking I'll wear it as a necklace some day, perhaps with a bottle of precious oil in it. So thank you dear friend. The day was transformed by the arrival, and all your thought within it. I only wish Milo could have come along as well so I could touch him.

Nancy said...

Michelle~ Thank you for the beautiful response! The bag is quite wearable :) Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!

Robyn A said...

Hi Nancy, haven't commented for a while but I always visit! What a wonderful experience all round. I love giving but having been rebuffed a couple of times I am rather wary now about who I give my work to. Reading Michelle's comment must have made it all worth while. You have such a generous heart.

deanna7trees said...

a lovely gift won by a wonderful person. loved seeing it.

Leslie said...

What a wonderful gift. Yes, creating for others is the best kind of creating.

Els said...

Thanks for the whole story Nancy! I'm sure Michelle appreciates it, she might even continue it or make it part of something of her own ... a friendship-giveaway !

Nancy said...

Robyn~ Hi! So glad you've been here all the while!! I know just what you mean. It's difficult when you lay out your heart and the recipient says it is 'cute'. That one makes me growl! :)
Thanks for your comment.

Deanna~ Gee, thanks!

Leslie~ Glad we agree!

Els~ I love the 'whole story'!!! Yep it is now hers to decides as she likes :)

Jeannie said...

What a beautiful gift for a lovely lady. There is nothing better than to pour some love into a box to be sent off. It is like giving a gift to yourself. xo

Anonymous said...

reallllllly like the cloth!!! :0)
all of it is a beautiful gift anyone would love.

(having a difficult time commenting)

Nancy said...

Jeannie~ Oh Thank You! Yes, I like to 'pour my love', as you say!

Joan~Thank you! I'll email you...

Jacky said...

What a beautiful, heartfelt gift for Michelle. So much of 'you' in these gifts....very special.

I love that you have made the cloth so Michelle can work herself into it too with cloth and stitch.

Jacky xox

Nancy said...

Jacky~ Thanks for the kind comment :) I'm glad you stopped by to take a look.