Wednesday, February 29, 2012


The sky starts as a wash of gray-white-blue
Later it becomes a bright blue sky with
fluffs of white clouds
The breeze comes, a stiff cold wind now and again
But, later settles down and
leaves the sun to warm me
The seasons are confused
Winter and Spring blur together
in one day
And a piece of my heart has come home

This rather boring photo, of a plain plastic pot (rescued from the trash), in all actuality captures
something deeply meaningful for me.
This rose bush was once upon a time
a gift from me to my mother.
I'm remembering it as a Mother's Day gift.
I gave it to my mom so she could have something pretty
to look at, knowing a gift a some tshatshke (trinket, knick-knack) was not necessary.
She requested the gardener plant it where it could be seen, from her living room couch.
For many years she enjoyed her view of the rose bush, calling me excitedly when it bloomed.
"There's a rose on your bush!" she'd say.  She always called it "your bush".
Some days, she'd cut a single rose and bring it in to sit on her coffee table,
enjoying it up close and personal.  "Guess what I'm looking at!" she'd say.
It connected her to the seasons, to nature, in a way she did not usually verbalize.
It was there for years, outside her window, bringing her pure joy in its beauty and in the knowledge of my love for her.
As my sister emptied the last belongings of the home her family shared with our mom,
my boyfriend and I dug up the rose bush.
Now it sits outside my living room window, where I can see it from my couch.
And I feel the same joy upon seeing it, and in the knowledge of our mutual love.
A corner of my heart feels wrapped up in the two-ness of us, as if my mom has come home.  This fills my heart to bursting.  I like having it nearby.  It feels right. 
I shall carry on the tradition of life with this rose bush.

I'd like to wish everyone a happy Leap Day!  If you haven't leaped yet is your turn!
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Today I like this growth (via Notice Quiet Nature)

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2012


deanna7trees said...

wow nancy. you were captured up in the air and off the ground. great shot. nice rose bush story.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

and now, when She takes hold and
blooms, you can show us again and again...saying LOOK!
beautiful story...thank you.

Nancy said...

Deanna- Yes, that getting off the ground thing gets tricky as one gets older! Thanks for noticing :)

Grace- Thank you for welcoming my story into your heart. And I will show her lovely blooms for sure!

Els said...

Hey,Nancy that was a great leap !
(hope the rose bush survives and gives you a lot of flowers)

jenclair said...

I wish I had a living legacy that bloomed from my mother. Not a day goes by but that I miss her, and I do have several treasured objects, I'd love to have one that blooms!

saskia said...

what a lovely story and a courageous leap of faith;-)

linda said...

it was so good to read this. miss my mom too.
flowers were always a good thing for her too.
thanks for giving me the memory...
sorry i didn't leap yesterday,

woman with wings said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
woman with wings said...

Nancy, I only deleted it because there was a spelling error! Here's what I wanted to say...

Rosa has taken on the role of connecting you and your mother. Wonderful!

The video was heaven. Thanks for the shot of green!

Nancy said...

Els- It helped to have something to leap over! Ha! I hope she survives too. There are some tiny tiny buds there, so we'll see!

Jenclair- You can always plant in her honor, something that reminds you of her. I didn't even realize how important this rose bush was, I just knew I couldn't leave it behind.

Saskia- Thank you for your comment :)

Linda- I'm glad to have given you a happy memory. And, what the heck...leap today!

Peggy- I love how you've named her and you are so right, the connection works! Oh yes and you were needing green! So, Hooray for Green!!!

Yvonne said...

Thankyou for this beautifully written and touching story of you and your Mom - she remains deeply rooted in your heart and blooms there forever.

helen said...

What a beautiful story ~ thank you Nancy.

Yay for leaping :~))

blandina (aracne) said...

Moving. You have fond memories of your Mother, I hope to leave these kind of feelings to my children.

Deb G said...

Up, up and away! I have a rose that was grown from a cutting from one of my great grandmother's rose bushes. I love how plants can carry memories...

Nancy said...

Yvonne- Thank you for coming by. I like her blooming there forever.

Helen- You're welcome. I'm still leaping each time I see your name here!

Aracne- Yes, I think we all want to leave these memory heirlooms to our children.

Deb- Oh that's good to hear, mine has many buds! This one carries memories and stories too! :)

handstories said...

how did i miss this post? just wonderful, a full circle. i can imagine you speaking out loud to your mom when the first bud blooms...."guess what i'm looking at, mom!" i hope it fills you for many many years.

Nancy said...

Cindy- Well, I'm glad you got here today! Thank you so much for the well written, heartfelt comment. I'm out there at some point each day smilin' at my little buds! I'll post a photo. I do feel so full when I look at our bush.