Monday, February 20, 2012

Things & Thoughts

3 things in one photo...
How can I already almost be near the limit for photos on my blog???  
So, I'm trying to condense photos!
I'm not sure what happens next and I really...I mean really really don't want to have to pay for anything.  That is the whole point of this blogger thing.  Through all their tech issues, I think "But it's free!"  Soon I will have to learn more and figure out what I'm doing here...or just delete old posts.  I don't really want to do that as part of this blogging thing is a great way to archive ideas and activities and such.
Anyway, today I have:
1. The dull women dish I mentioned over at Cindy's.  My mom always had that dish out in one room or another.  She worked on books, papers and catalogs clutter.  I keep it on my dresser, which happens to be clean!  haha
2.  I have an old 'peace' ashtray of my parents.  Since I don't need it for that purpose, I've decided to insert a small pincushion in the center.  Any ideas on what to stuff it with?  I may have some old batting I could use.  I usually just use the arm of the couch for pins and needles!  I'm also open for other suggestions for use!
3.  In the studio today picked up an ancient piece of water-colored paper and saw things in it...animal creatures...beasts, a dog.  I was glad to see the dog, as a friend lost and then found her elderly, disabled dog in the last 24 hours.  He's a Golden, name of Mark.  I'm glad he's safe at home now.  In junior high we used to do this with water colors all the time.  My buddy Shawn was very talented at this process and one of his painting/drawings hangs on my studio wall!

There used to be trees along here!

My apricot tree as tons of buds and some flowers too!  Poor trees, so confused by our weather!  This little tree has been radically pruned in the past, but it still soldiers on!  The miniature yellow rose tree that shared the property line was not so lucky.  Today with 4 cedar stumps, the little rose tree was taken from the ground.  I actually shed a few tears.  Enough already.  :(

Anyway, the apricot tree has a spider web hammock strung between two branches.  It's filled with wood chips from the now gone walnut tree.  It has been a long few days around here.

 But look at this beautiful sings of hope for a more peaceful garden in days ahead.

Any change, even a change for the better,
is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts.
- Arnold Bennett (Enoch Arnold Bennett)
Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2012


Sharon Tomlinson said...

Hello Nancy, I enjoyed your post today but am puzzled about your comment about being near the limit for photos on your blog. My blogs are also blogspot and I'm not aware of there being a limit on photos. I wondered if this was something new and went to search but found nothing. When I started blogging, they encouraged using as many photos as you wanted. I'm just curious.

Ms. said...

Picassa and the GB limit at blogger

I posted the question to blogger's help forum and got this answer:

Photos uploaded from your computer and posted on blogger blogs are hosted on picasaweb (unless you use another host and upload by linking there). The 2 GB is FREE storage per account. For a small annual fee you can get vastly more space--that is what I plan to do when I hit that limit. One way to conserve space and have photo heavy blogs load faster is to upload smaller files--lower resolution or compressed files--easily done in most photo editing software. You can check your remaining space by logging in at with your blogger account info.

Serena said...

yes they all have a limit unless you pay.

if you are a picture lover this can prove difficult.

maybe if you wanted to keep old text post but create some sort of personal file on your computer that tells you what photos you used in which posts so that you have a personal record.

you can also create a flickr and get 200 photos for free and you can link those to your blog.

a flickr pro is 25 a year and it is limitless but you have to keep paying.

just some thoughts for you.

saskia said...

well I immediately started removing posts after I read this, sometimes I act before thinking......I have decided that when I hit the limit I'll maybe start a website or another blog or pay for extra space, whatever, a solution is out there! thanks for all the above suggestions and research.

deanna7trees said...

i like Morning Glory's Cluster Stuff for stuffing pin cushions. i buy it at Hobby Lobby.
i use picasa but i don't create many picasa albums and i download individual images directly from picasa on my computer, not from 'picasaweb'. i'm not sure if that makes a difference but i'm not aware of a limit and i've been putting images on my blog for almost 4 years.

deanna7trees said...

i did some research. there is a 1GB limit but images 800 x 800 pixels or smaller do not count toward that limit. here's more info:

woman with wings said...

Nancy, I hit my limit about 6 months after starting to blog -- I think it's because Picasa automatically loads all the photos ever on your computer. My computer is old and I have a big family so I had lots. I paid about $5.00 for more storage. I haven't heard anymore about it and I don't hold back either cuz that would ruin the fun of all this for me. Love the dull women bowl, I agree wholeheartedly. Housekeeping is not one of my strengths. Good luck with the pincushion, that'll be a fun project. xo

Nancy said...

Thanks for all of the research and input everyone! On my to do list, for sure! :)

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

i was touched by the web hammock...
like those two words together...
and the wood chips, even. it's
like an Installation of what
happened in a day....
am still wistfull about your
tree situation.
could you plant some bamboo there?
it gets TALL fast and might make
it easier to bear....and really
doesn't need all that much water.
it just manages to grow around

Nancy said...

Grace- yes like a installation of a day! I like that :)
No room for bamboo...this is all taking place on the driveway, property line.

handstories said...

i liked enlarging the photo so i could see the creatures in it. & if that is the definition of a dull woman, i will never ever be called one!

Nancy said...

Cindy- Ya, me neither! Thanks for taking a closer look at those creatures :)

Drucilla Pettibone said...

what a wonderful dish your mom had - i'm so glad you posted a pic of it!! i was thinking of a bumper sticker, but a dish is so much better.

i haven't run into the blogger photo limit either, and i've been blogging photo-heavy for a few years. i wonder what the deal is! please let us know what you find out.

and such meaningful art your trees are making! thank you for capturing and sharing with us.

Judy Martin said...

Your dishes from your mother and father are very beautiful as they are, just there. I like that your mother used hers to collect clutter. I do that too.

The photos I put on my blog are all under 500 pixels in both directions. I go to shrink for web in my photo shop program, and reduce the pixels. I've been blogging since 2006 and have a lot of photos...have not heard a peep about there being too many, so this post was news to me. As it seemed to be to others.

Happy Leap DAY to you!

Nancy said...

Dru- Thanks for your input too. There are so many more flowers on the tree now!

Judy- My pin cushion idea is mostly to stuff the fabric/stuffing cushion in the center. I will not do anything to alter it permanently, it's too special to me :) I also have one of their 'peace' mugs, which is done in the same variety of fonts. I gave their 'love' mugs to my niece :)
Gotta love the 1960's!