Sunday, March 18, 2018

Blooming and Packing

Bloom on the Mama Rose

Today was spent writing, preparing packages for mailing and working on a new weaving.
New Blooms
 J. told me he was walking out back when something just barely caught the corner of his eye...he very slightly turned his head and POOF one of the first mystery bulbs of the season opened up!  How cool is that?!

I took a break and stepped outside upon hearing the cries of my hawk.
The clouds really caught my eye.
I took many more photos than just these, trying to capture what I saw.

Then my eye fell on this old thing-a-ma-jig.
You met it here a long time ago.
I'll look for that post later and edit.

UPDATE:  Here is the link
for the goofy item above!!

Anyway, most of the color has faded from so much sun over the years.
I am heartily considering tossing it into the garbage.
It barely looked like cool art or anything of any purpose when I first made it.
Now, well now it is just faded and ugly.
That is, of course, until I looked at this photo 
with our beautiful blue sky in the background! 
I could almost like it again.  Haha

UPDATE: My eye is almost completely healed, only a bit red.
I still have to use the artificial tears (which I keep calling 'liquid tears'!) -
but the dry eyes is not new and an easy thing to adress.
I also am still wearing my "fly" glasses (given to me in the hospital) 
over my regular glasses.
They provide great coverage, were free and cheap to replace.  
I did some research, so I'd be ready or in case I want to order extras now.
In case you want it too, here is the link to Solar Shield.
However you do it, wear your sunglasses!!

And with your sunglasses firmly in place,
may you always remember to look up at the clouds,
listen for the birds,
and watch for the flowers to burst into bloom...
it's that time of year after all!

Photos by NAE ©2018 


Liz A said...

When I saw the first two sky pictures I thought you had made some indigo shibori! And that hanging basket has assemblage art potential for sure!

Mo Crow said...

so good to hear your eye is recovering and love those clouds! Your assemblage looks like the perfect place for cloth and thread offerings to the birds for their nests!

Nancy said...

Liz~ Ha -yes...indigo! i think the hanging art piece is done for!

Mo~ Me too and I am grateful for your constant concern and checking on me. I did do the threads thing way back when, now I feel done.