Sunday, March 4, 2018

Pottery as Gifts or Stuff

Along with my recent theme of letting go of

I've decided to come to a decision about these two pieces.
I made these free-form bowls with melted glass and marbles
back in the early 2000's when I was taking pottery classes
through the adult education department.
Blue Glass
Musty Glass surface
Crack goes around the outside

I made many of these bowls.
One I will not let go of.  It belongs to J. and is a favorite.
A second larger one is here too, another one I really like,
beautiful glass and a one day (when I finally do it) driftwood handle.

Beautiful outside

Musty, dusty cracked glass

Unclear glass
One was gifted to someone a year or so back.
It was a favorite too.
I gave one to my daughter and one to a friend I used to know, as a graduation gift.

I had an absolute ball making them, especially looking for glass bits 
to melt during the second firing.

But, I won't be making them again.  
That class resource is no longer available.
Pottery was a bit too much for my elbows, even back then.

So then there are these two. 
Two I was never real happy with.
Didn't like the way they came out.

Marbles Melted

The thing with CLOTH is that if you don't like it...
seams can be removed
pieces can be cut
other cloth can be added
(and so on, as Jude has taught us)

But with fired clay, it is set.
Cracks don't go away!

Blue Glass

Gift for a friend
 I loved making these out of the sample package, all earth colors 
- clear glaze only - beautiful glass inside -
I used to make "diversity hands" out of this sample package too.
They hung from ribbons and have all been gifted.
Melted beach glass
This one above, this one that was gifted, I love.
But, what to do with these two I do not love?

Here are my thoughts/choices:
→ Throw them away.  Bye-Bye!
→ Keep them 
(I keep thinking of Wabi-Sabi the ugly like that cactus J. saved)
→ Gift them to someone who does not think they are defective or ugly (as I do)
→ Or????

Honestly, I keep going back to just tossing them.
Not everything one makes is grand.
That's okay.
We don't have to keep it all.

 May all of your decisions be fairly easy.
May all of your gifts be appreciated.

Photos by NAE ©2018 


Liz A said...

What about making a butterfly puddle? Like a bird bath, but with some gravel and/or small stones for butterflies to rest on while accessing water. We have several around the house, low to the ground, as true puddles are.

Nancy said...

LIz~ That's an interesting idea. I have to be very careful with standing water around here as mosquitoes bites provide a pretty toxic reaction for me. I had thought of doing some mosaic. As I double-checked the spelling, look what I found! Thanks so much for commenting here!

Ms. said...

How about a hammer and break them to bits for shards....or drop bits along the trail next time you take a hike so others will wonder.

Liz A said...

How perfect ... can't wait to see what you make of it!

Nancy said...

Michelle~ Great idea!

Liz~ So far they haven't moved! Ha It takes me a while to get it together sometimes, but no matter things get done.