Saturday, March 17, 2018

neek - let her go (official audio visual)


For tonight's music post....
I introduce you to my talented niece!
She wrote, played, snag and produced!
What a girl ☺ 

For a completely different musical experience, head on over to Jenclair's place
                           and have your heart lifted!             

May you discover music in your days that fills 
you with all of life's emotions.

PS Tried out larger type today.  What do you think?
It helps my eyes for sure. 


Mo Crow said...

(((Nancy))) are your eyes all healed & happy?

jenclair said...

Ahh, your niece is indeed talented, Nancy! Glad you enjoyed the Carpool Karoke with the moms and kids--Thanks for the shout out!

Nancy said...

Mo~ Yes! My eye is good now, just the usual dry-eye! I can handle that ;)

Jenclair~ I agree...talent! That video was so sweet, thanks for sharing it.