Monday, March 19, 2018


Here I am considering what is important.

I guess it goes hand in hand with clearing out stuff.
First you look at, embrace the memories, consider where or if it fits in your current life,
and decide.
Keep or let go?
Then you listen to the news or try not to listen to the news.
What changes with each new BREAKING NEWS?
Usually nothing, sorry to say.
Just think of the guns in America issue...
ranting, raving, tears
then nothing.
If our government couldn't do something after Sandy Hook...
need I say more?
⇱     ⇲
My head and heart are in a tired and grumpy place.
I keep searching for the positive...
touching base with nature...
loving what and who I love...
doing what I love.

But, I'm having a hard time not feeling let down, by people, by circumstances,
by our country.
There is so much that is important,
yet the media is stuck on a porn star.


I did a deep cleaning, looking at and honoring of my treasures shrine.
All the tokens from my cloth people, plus other trinkets,
crammed into this space.


The top of the old 'bar counter', which belonged to my mom and birth-father, 
bought in the early 1950's.
Early American style with a copper top. 

You can see J.'s bowl in there among the many gifts or things I've had/made.
A wood flute and feathers.
Photo was taken before Michelle's beautiful pomegranate print made it into the collection.
Although there are many letters from her.

I sat and read each letter and touched each item.
Important things.
Below you can see clothmakers cloths on the big bare wall behind the TV.
I can see all of this every night as I relax, watching Public Television 'murder shows'.

Dee, Grace and Jude
Hanging Jude's latest was a quick clothespin moment, connecting it to Grace's, 
mostly because the push pins wouldn't push and I didn't want to fool with more driftwood (having a how much driftwood is too much driftwood moment).
But then, yes...connected.
How much I really like that.

Els, Jude and Saskia
I can't begin to tell you how much joy is brought to me through these cloths and gifts.

These are the things that matter.
The important things.

Before deciding to write this tonight,
I re-read some old (really old) posts while looking for something.
I was so touched to realize how long we've been here together.
Some of you visiting the trail since the beginning.
It has been years!
That is amazing.
So, with all of this in mind,
I want to say thank you...
for coming here...
for the conversation...
for caring...
for the gifts and/or the gift of your friendship.
  ❤ ← ❤ →   ❤
You matter to me.

PS Maybe I'll get to cleaning out the drawers and cupboard
on the old 'bar counter' soon!

*As always, click on photos to enlarge*

Photos by NAE ©2018


Ms. said...

It's past 3AM and I'm reading the posts of my favorite bloggers. Ha. Love that you love us all and we love you too. No matter what the horrible news brings, nor the weather decides to do to us......we got each other!

Liz A said...

Turkey feathers! I love them. But better, knowing who made so many of these cloths without needing to read the captions. I am a latecomer, but so happy to be a part of all this.

The things that matter ... connections ... what has meaning ... what gives us joy ...

And Grace's blog post today ... I'm thinking about that

Nancy said...

Michelle~ Ya got that right! Love the video :) I heard just the beginning of a NPR story about the new documentary about the original 'voices' of the Muppets. Then I arrived home, so I'll have to either find it online or catch it on a replay. The Muppets are a true treasure. :)

Liz~ The turkey feathers were found/collected up the road from my place. We have lots of wild (semi?!!) turkeys around here. Isn't that amazing how one can leave their mark on the cloth they make? That always fascinates me. Latecomer-Schmatecome...I am so glad you are I am that I've spent more time at your place, latecomer or not! xo

Liz A said...

Nancy ... so I see ... the turkeys that is! I was wandering through your blog and spotted some sitting on top of a car. They do that here, too.

Mo Crow said...

(((Sage))) I love your new name, are you letting Nancy go or will you keep both?

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

considering what's important. I'm doing that now. I call it
What Matters.

so in my own way, relate totally here.
Love to you

Nancy said...

Liz~ Ah, good you found some of our turkeys! Some days they come all the way up the driveway to hang out with my neighbors chickens!

Mo~ Thank you! Not sure at this point, perhaps I will write it out one day.

Grace~ Oh yes, I can see that 'what matters' would be very important to you at this time. Yes. Big love to you too.

Judy Martin said...


Oh wise woman. Yes, you have been here in blogland for years.
Thank you for reading and commenting on my blog throughout.
I loved seeing the cloths and the driftwood. Be well. xoxo

Deb G said...

I'm kind of in a similar space, thinking about motivation and what matters. It's an important thing to consider occasionally. Sending you a hug and much love.

Tina Zaffiro said...

This post has me thinking that I am so not alone it my feeling for the love and comfort I find in the time spent visiting here. Your words and picture's ... all beautiful in the feelings they bring to the surface. My goodness how very Blessed we all are. Thank you .. Thank you for sharing.

Tina Zaffiro said...

This post has me thinking that I am so not alone it my feeling for the love and comfort I find in the time spent visiting here. Your words and picture's ... all beautiful in the feelings they bring to the surface. My goodness how very Blessed we all are. Thank you .. Thank you for sharing.

Nancy said...

Judy~ The feeling is and your work has touched me deeply for all these years! Thank you so much for being here with me.

Deb~ Sending a (((hug))) right back! I think many things go into this head space...season, state of affairs, age...pick one or more!

Tina~ We are never alone as we feel! thank you for visiting here, as that provides me with comfort too. We are both lucky to have one another and Need to have one another! Blessed indeed. xo

Anonymous said...

Hello Sage -- deep cleanings work wonders, but so do connections 'round the world and gifts. So happy to be part and to have rec'd so many lovely things from you over the years.

Nancy said...

Dee~ Ah, you are one of the treasures I've found along the trail!! So happy about that. xo

Peggy Mcg said...

A few days late and a dollar short.. but wanted to say I read your blog often and it means a lot to me that you are such a caring and talented person. I am embarking on a traveling journey next year that requires me to make decisions on all my belongings, so your post was so perfect as I am wrapping and boxing so many treasures.

Nancy said...

Peggy~ Hey, welcome to the trail! I certainly have more that read alone than those who read and comment...which is just fine! Anyway folks want to move through blogland...well, who am I to say. But, as I also enjoy the conversation, thank you for your comment here. You've got me curious about what your 'traveling journey' is and where boxes of treasures will be? I have a fascination with Tiny House living :) I've been thinning out and considering my belongings for years now! Ha

Peggy Mcg said...

I am getting my house ready for sale and then will buy a small camper and follow the national park systems and a nomadic life until I find someplace I will want to call homebase. Treasures will be in storage until then. I cannot convince my children to take anything as they are all grown and ready to give up their own stuff!

Nancy said...

Peggy~ Wow! Sounds great to me! Do you blog, will you share this journey? I would love to do that, seriously. You'll need one of the parks t-shirt! I have one, but no trailer ;)
I know others with the kid storage situation...hang in there.

Liz A said...

Sage Nancy - I am back from the future to say, yet again, how much I appreciate your presence here and in the community we share

Nancy said...

Oh Liz! Thank you for stopping by to say that, it really means a lot. Sorry so late with the comments, I'm still battling that alert issue. :)