Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Urgent Care Experiment

Today while in the new Urgent Care,
I did a little experiment.
Holds your hands in front of you, palms up...
Mentally assign a + and a - to each hand.
For each + or - raise that hand a bit.

Okay, ready?
It is the pros and cons game.
I've been doing this since I used it as a tool to help my young daughter
work through processing things.

- Change is hard for me, I like the familiar

+ It is a beautiful new facility
+ New = Clean!!
+ It is close to home
- Parking is only available in a structure, 
not my preferred parking 

+ "State of the art" technology (it seemed, what do I know!)
- Have to learn all the new technology 
and new procedures 
that I will have to interact with
+ More services now available closer to home
+ Same connection to all of the other local facilities
-I will have to figure out the 
two pharmacy locations 
for refills in the future
+ Same or better Urgent Care services for my area
+ Potential for growth of services
+ Always grateful  to have very good medical coverage

 Drop your hands back down to your sides and give 'em a good shake.
Take a nice breath in...and out.
Repeat after me: 
Shake it off, go with the flow, you have no control anyway

*Click on photos to enlarge, not that they are interesting enough for that!!*
Peaceful Entrance
Then I had time to sit and wait and look around to get my bearings 
(that liking the familiar thing)
Pocket door
There are bays and rooms.  The rooms closed off with pocket doors.
I'm a sucker for those (and dutch doors, Mr Ed style).

Extra privacy and a "screen" to...?  View x-rays?

Really cushy place to lay down, if needed

Foot controls: Steer, Brake
I wonder if the staff needs lessons on how to steer and brake this thing!
Many things remind me of recent work trainings
or just look familiar from work (like the gloves)

Patterns & Light art shot
As usual, I see the patterns, textures and fiber materials
from a cloth world perspective

Rolly desk and "Sharps' container
 Something new that the nurses and other staff are getting used to is entering all of the information on a small tablet, instead of a regular traveling desk-top computer.
Super sensitive touchpad makes their work more of an adjustment. 

Who else remembers when there was a pocket outside the door where staff would drop your paper chart for the doctor to grab on his/her way in?
Oy, I'm dating myself!!

Equipment reflected
So much of the equipment is now in the room,
sterilized in a bag and ready to go (like a 'breathing treatment' mask etc.)

Automatic water at the sink and a hole in the counter to drop
the trash straight into the trashcan.
I laugh at myself for noticing that the counter area is built to the precise size of this particular trashcan.
What if "Rubbermaid" stops making these?
Is it a 'standard' size?
And why not an automatic soap dispenser too? (going with the germ thoughts here!)
These little thoughts come from being involved
in my Ex's construction family for 17 years.
Hold habits DO die hard!

Lobby Art Installation
While waiting for medication in the general lobby area,
which has some new name I can't recall,
I notice an art piece on the wall and go to check it out.

Supporting young children through the arts!


Flowers for Hummingbirds
On my way out I see hummingbirds at these flowers,
but couldn't manage to capture them in a photograph.
They are fast, but I felt calm.

Diagnoses: Asthmatic Bronchitis (the usual)

May you find what you need to stay in good health.
May you roll with the many changes in our world,
or at least tolerate them with grace.
May you find peace and calm, no matter what.

Photos by NAE ©2018


Liz A said...

Hope you are better soon ... and I'll hold the thought of weighing pros and cons with my hands.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

and you felt calm.

Nancy said...

Liz~ Thank you so much. Sometimes pros & cons helps one lean towards positive or helps one let go, whichever.

Grace~ And it felt good and welcomed, that calm.

Mo Crow said...


Nancy said...


Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon. Probably lots of rest is in order!

I think change is hard for most people, whether they admit it or not. Part of the beauty of your exercise, I'm guessing, was how noticing things in their particularity, brought you into awareness of the moment. What a good idea!

PS I've done the hand energizing exercise before where you smush the palms together at the end.

Nancy said...

Dee~ I agree, many I know resist change in some way. I like the idea of "snushing" :)

Ms. said...

Closer to home, cleaner and lovely art by kids + a sidebar of hummingbird. GREAT. Love you and your calming routine.

Ms. said...

PS don't miss the full moon rising Saturday morning

Nancy said...

Michelle~ Equally close to home, but yes to the rest! Best to look for the lovely, yes?! I just took a moon picture upon arriving home. It did not turn out well, but I have thoughts about that as well :) xo

Saskia van Herwaarden said...

like the 'hand tool' very much, must try and remember this next time.....
re change, some things are okay when they change, but yes change challenges the routine, hmmm, there I am weighing pros and cons straight away!
brave you for soldiering on Nancy namasté

Nancy said...

Saskia~ Yes, change...the one thing we can always count on! (((hugs)))