Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Circle Craft Treasure - Thelma Ruck Keene

                                 Circle Craft Treasure - Thelma Ruck Keene
..."It has to be you.  Don't copy something and think it's good enough.  What we want is the integrity of yourself..."
..."Everything is good for its own sake..."

I've decided to hang this...well, this 'Whatchamacallit' outside.  It's been in various places in my studio.  While I worked on it, I used a PVC stand I made for that purpose.  I haven't worked on it for a long while.  This lovely mobile started as a fan cover, you know the part that covers the blades.  When it fell off for the last time, as I bent down to pick it up, I was not protected!  I decided it would make better art than a shield from quick moving parts.  I basically tied, knotted, wired, fastened, and looped a number of trinkets (OK, you're right...junk!) onto the wire dome.  I attached an old chain from the broken bird feeder...and...WaLa...
a colorful mobile!  I had intended to use it in the yard outside of my classroom.  However, late this afternoon I decided to hang it here instead.  It isn't complete.  Plans in my head had a lot more added to the side opposite the house.  I can still add on to it at any time and will probably do so.  It's rather nice to have this big splash of color when we walk out the door!

Jingly, silly, wild, happy!
We have big winds tonight.  I'll see what's left of this in the morning!
It makes me think of a book I came across in Barnes and Nobel the other evening.  It is titled More by I C Springman.  I've used the Amazon link because it lets you look inside.  Gorgeous artwork with a timely story.  Sometimes more is too much.  Sometimes enough is just right.  Take a look, I bet you'll love it like I did!

Here are some of the buds on my mama's rosebush.  
Aren't they beautiful?

I came across this, wool for birds ...
maybe I'll add a little something to my wacky wonky mobile!

And then just as I was shutting the computer down, I came across another dolphin video.
I'm sure you'll applaud at the end too!  It reminded me of the Star Thrower story.
A very uplifting way to end the day.  Goodnight.

(both of these were found on Notice Quiet Nature ... 
I'm telling you they've got the best links!!!)

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2012


saskia said...

goodmorning from over here Nancy, what a lovely post to wake up with; all of it, the wonderful heartfelt video, your whatchamacallit, inspired! and the buds of promise on your mother's rosebush; have not yet checked out More, but will go there in a minute, thank you so much!xx

saskia said...

.......and have now seen More, delightful and the basket full of wool, am gonna make one right away....

Ms. said...

I just adore Thelma; What a lovely way to begin my day--with a reminder that experience of my hands will tell me where to go from here. Then the breexy hanging 'whatchamacall-it' and on to the budding rose bush (me too-sigh:) and wool for birds, delightful dolphin and throwing stars.......what dreams you must have had! I am so thoroughly refreshed, exhilarated and energized! I'll go over to Notice quiet nature again (despite I loathe face book unreasonably, though I have reasons). Cheers to you when you wake today.

deanna7trees said...

you're right about Notice Quiet Nature...i'm already a follower on facebook. and i just love the basket full of wool. i have several of those. i wonder if the birds would make a nest right in the basket... great post today.

Penny Berens said...

Oh so much to take in Nancy!
Will take away Thelma's wise words and remember.
Will remember those dolphins too..boy they were lucky.
And I think I'll be hanging some wool out soon...thanks.

Nancy said...

Saskia- Oh yes, good morning...I forget about the different time zones and such.

Michelle- I added some fabric scraps to the whatchamacallit this evening. I really enjoyed Thelma as well, such wisdom.

Deanna- I thought of the birds nesting right in there too!

Penny- I had to wonder if the pod of dolphins I posted earlier were the same ones! Amazing videos :)