Sunday, August 3, 2014

4~ July Trip 2014

As you may remember, our last Summer Trip 2014 installment 
had us hiking in Big Sur.
As promised, here are the photos from the top (West side actually) of the lollipop!

Just in case you want to listen again:

California Saga: Big Sur
10.4 minutes

A view of the coast from the top!
I zoom in for a closer look!
I can't get enough of the milky ocean waters

Lunch spot
 After we stop for a while for a hiker's lunch, we hike back down, 
completing the loop part of the trail. 

Patched Ocean
Manzanita branches
Moss weaving
Leaf variety
Leaves and evergreens
I hope you've enjoyed this section of the hike.  
I was very proud of myself for keeping up well enough with the young folks. 
I wish I could hike here more often (read that as every day!). 
It was awesome!
Thank you for joining me.

Coming up next: A waterfall....

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2014


deanna7trees said...

love seeing the shades of color when looking at the water.

Ms. said...

No wonder Big Sur was the place to live in the sixties. It's inspiring.

Nancy said...

Deanna~ Me too...I just can't stop looking!

Michelle~ Yep...good vibes for sure. Wish I was there back then...or right now :)

Anonymous said...

Wishing I could swim in that water!

Peggy said...

Gorgeous views and you took some really great photos, Nancy! What a time you must have had. xoxo

Anonymous said...

oh those colors... oh that water! I have a potted version of that ox-eye, is it? never seen it growing in wild!

jenclair said...

How beautiful! What a great trip!

Nancy said...

Cindy~ I wonder how cold it is? Maybe you & K can put this on your wish list...I bet you'd love it here.

Peggy~ Thank and yes, such an amazing place.

Dee~ Which is the ox-eye? The little one in the "leaves" pic?

Jenclair~ Yes it was. I'm still thinking about it.