Tuesday, July 29, 2014

3~ July Trip 2014

We headed up the coast from Morro Bay to Big Sur.
Big Sur is one of my most favorite places on earth.
I was so excited to go hiking there.

This is the trail the boy chose:

When we were there, the whole trail was open so we did the full 4.5 miles 
of the lollipop trail.
These maps may give you a better idea than mine above.

We did walk over to the waterfall too,
but I'll save that for another post.

This way please!
The website said 'tricky' and they were right.
With a hand now and then from my guy or the boy,
I did just fine climbing (and descending) the 1600 foot elevation!

Here are some of the many, many pictures I took.
It was a gorgeous day and a fantastic hike.

For full effect while looking at the photos,
listen to this Beach Boys song (in a separate window):
California Saga: Big Sur
10.4 minutes

Looking up
Brick-a-Brack Bark
Babbling Creek
Branches as warp
1st view of the ocean
Juxtaposed trees
Make way for man
Happy Me
Warnings at the top
...I will be sharing the view and the rest of the photos in the next post.
I know for some of us, including me, too many photos make a computer load very slowly!
So, with that said...gorgeous view to come!

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2014


Ms. said...

yum yum yum...oh how sweet to see happy YOU! The music in a separate window is brilliant (how do you do that?)....the flute at the end/the eagles nest....the winged ones...oh if it were only so....perhaps it is......REALLY nice touch.

saskia said...

oh what a fabulous walk and the image of a happy you! makes me happy too....

Nancy said...

Michelle~ Glad you liked it! When you add a link, there is a box you can check that states 'open in a separate window'.

Saskia~ I always know you'll come along on my hikes :) I'm going to put the next post real soon, wait til you see!