Wednesday, August 29, 2012

You Can't Always Get What You Want ...

As the Stones sing so well..."You can't always get what you want!"
Here is some music to read by, to think by, to ponder by...

This is how I am feeling this week.  Do you ever feel this way?  Not necessarily in the dating, finding another human being way.  But in the the general way?
This line from the the song, the title itself was always a running joke growing up.  Ya know, if something didn't work out, this line popped into your head.  You or a friend didn't ace a test, get the guy, make the cheerleading squad (this was not me!!! Just an example of a High School activity!  Haha), weren't allowed to go somewhere, etc, etc, etc.  Whatever!
This was the line to sing!  And sing it we did!  To ourselves, to each other...You can't always get what you want!!!

And the rest of it too...
"But if you try sometime, you might just find-you get what you need!"

One of those life lessons that began to make sense to us as we hit the teen years.
This still pops into my head in certain moments.

But, now I embrace both lines together.
I look for the positive, the creative, challenging problem-solving solution.
I've moved on to feeling that it is OK to not always 'get' what you think you want.
I contemplate what one truly needs.

Today it hit me that there are some things I think I've wanted...
but I've done just fine without them.
Doing fine with less is a theme around here.
Finding alternate ways is an engaging pastime, that's kinda fun!
Creative thinking has become a welcome choice instead of a forced demand of circumstance.

How cool is that?!

Here are some of the things I have been planning.  This post will have to suffice.
But, really, better than that...
this post is another choice ~ that is absolutely fine!

~Like how I'd love to write all the posts that are in my head & actually post them!
Last night, I tried to upload some photos and it seems that my converter drives (I have 2) are not working, or the iphoto has a glich, or ???
I'd like to post the photo of my pin cushion, which is the arm of my couch, which is always covered in pins, needles, and bits of threads.
But, it doesn't look like that's happening right now.

~Neither can I post the beautiful photos of spiderwebs in unusual places (we have an abundance of end-of-summer spiders).  On the neighbor's roof - between various metal roof apparatus.  Between shrub and tree and so on.

~Or the beautiful nubby green yarn I've untangled and rolled into a bigger than a tennis ball size ball, which absolutely glows in the sunset.

~Or the photos which demonstrate what happens to my roses in this ridiculous heat we've had lately (Yep, we're back up to 100+ degrees this week).  My poor roses are small, almost colorless and withered in place.

~Or the amazing humming birds who have finally learned to sit together in a group of 4 and drink to their little hearts content.  One day I even glanced up to see 5 sitting on the feeder.  Two birds together - on one perch, alternating back and forth, rapidly drinking.  I got very excited to see this after watching them chase each other off the feeder for months.
Could it be that they have really learned to "take turns" and "share"???  
This excites the teacher in me!

~Or the cloth of current working: a surprise gift in yellow and blue (so far).

You can't always get what you want...
So instead I give you this post.
And soon maybe I'll figure out the camera thing. 

Because my head is full, but my blog has been empty.

So all the posts written in my head, in the shower, in the car, while shopping, in the midst of doing something else...and then forgotten.  Will just have to be.  Let go of them.  Let them float.
To bad too.  They were really well written! 
I'm really clever in my own head.
And I do love to write!
I will try to keep Joe's and Dee's posts on not over-thinking things in mind.
It applies not only to art, but to blog writing...and to life.

Here's to hoping you get some of what you want...
but all of what you need!
And thanks for reading a long photo-less post!!


deanna7trees said...

maybe we need to learn to want what we get.

Nancy said...

Deanna~ I think we do, it's a growth process that takes time and self-evaluation. Additionally, I think there are many within the society (American culture at least) that have joined the less is more, gratitude etc. trends.
And sometimes it is Not a big heavy choice/thought process...some of the time it is a light-hearted quick rebound from something you thought was going to happen to what you greet in reality. :)
Thanks for your thought provoking comment.

blandina (aracne) said...

Being happy with less and appreciative of what we get, this is a great philosophy and a great way of living. I wish I had understood this when I was younger, but maybe I had to reach this age to really understand. Thnk you for this post, it is always good to stop and think.

jenclair said...

Interesting! I've been thinking along these lines lately-- in a positive way. I don't have this, but by appreciating what I do have, my satisfaction increases.

Funny how our thoughts have been coinciding! Like Blandina, I do wish I'd thought more along these lines when I was younger, but I'm surprised at how much appreciation and gratitude I can generate for the really important (if imperfect) things I do have!

yvette said...

Strange...i.m quilty, i sometimes dont take time to read long posts
Now i stayed and well...have to think overvsome aspects. Deanna said it all....want what you get too!

sewing susan said...

The words to the song are now singing in my head. :) your post made me stop and think about what they actually mean. And how i focused on "you cant get what you want" when I was young and now it is more about "what i need". Sets me to thinking, nancy. Like you I am eager to see all those pictures that you described though it was like reading a book and I could see your pin cushion couch and the hummingbirds on the feeder in my mind. And if your camera/computer had been working I wouldn't have gotten to have my thoughts set in motion over the stones song. thanks so much, nancy. Maybe we do get exactly what we need we just can't always see it.

sewing susan said...

Okay Nancy I went to Dee's blog and was inspired by her stitching on her quilt. And I had been lamenting that I could not find my walking foot to finish a duvet cover this weekend. "Can't get what I want" Suddenly in seeing Dee's stitching I "can get what I need" came to me is all I need to do is get the right color floss to hand stitch which will be a much more satisfactory solution. So look what your blog started. I love this community!!!!!!

Nancy said...

Blandina~ I think you are right, you have to travel some of life's roads to get to certain understandings. I wish I'd known it enough to accumulate less 'stuff'!!! haha

Jenclair~ Yes, sometimes these thoughts are deeper than at other times. That creative problem solving - I'm really enjoying that.

Yvette~ I'm like that too, I suppose. I think it depends on my mood, but I really see that the internet has made it so easy to skip around from interest to interest. Doesn't really encourage the long read. Probably for that reason, I don't usually do the long write either!

Susan~ I love to share photos, because I love to take them...a photo is worth 1000 words! But, not posting them is an exercise in creative writing for sure :)
I'm glad you enjoyed Dee's post too (I traveled there from Joe's). It is one of the great things about this community for sure!

Anonymous said...

I am really enjoying this circle now - funny, after (almost) complaining about blogging this morning.... so much to respond to here. One, I'm glad I'm not the only one who sometimes has these frustrating techno-bumps!!! Two, sometimes not getting what you want look blessed in reverse, but not sure it EVER feels good while it's happening. In small ways though, like with not being able to find something? - I have learned to work with what's on hand. Otherwise, I could spend my life looking for things. Also, it forces a kind of adaptation that is creative to its core.

Look forward to those pictures! I am sooooooo jealous of your hummingbirds!

Nancy said...

Dee~ Yes, a blessing in disguise! The adaptation is the part I like too. A "techno-bump", eh? Sounds like a disco dance! :)
Tonight 9 hummingbirds were trying to feed at the same time!! It was wild out there!
I will try with the pics again soon.

saskia said...

great line, wisdom comes with age, haha; yes I do think I wanted more what I couldn't get when I was younger and have come to appreciate much more what does come my way; it also brings to mind 'the rather useless cupboard' I'm working on, because it's so small it can't contain a lot, and as described in my blog I made a list of things I felt I needed, which to begin with grew and grew and then miraculously shrank to just a couple of the lesson continues
great post Nancy

Nancy said...

Saskia~ It's funny how things grow...and shrink. Kind of like the human body! The lesson Always continues...

Mo Crow said...

"You can't always get what you want" is indelibly linked in my soul with "Old Man" by Neil Young and now that I'm at the older end of the road, looking back and loving every minute of it... I could never find a way of meshing my dreams of what life could be with what reality was presenting 'til this century ... maybe it's just that my dreams have become more practical or it may be that experience allows for more dreams to come true...

Nancy said...

Oh Mo...I love that we are birds of a feather..."Old Man" is another favorite. I have used the lyrics -"Give me things that don't get lost" on a million things-in a million ways...practically a signature along with my name!
I'm still looking to mesh unknown dreams and reality together!
Thanks for stopping by :)

Valerianna said...

I like the images you painted with your words... but I'm now curious to see your pincushion and the green yarn! I'm pining to do a few remodeling projects around the house, but on my stipend that is suppose to be a salary, I might not manage it. And, yes, I do fine without certain things... and then there are those things that I can't seem to get over wanting (like the downstairs bathroom!). But, truly, less is more and having an incredibly beautiful forest to explore and sing to is really about all one could want. (except when desire for things gets in the way!)

Nancy said...

Valerianna~ Isn't it always the way that from over here...your life looks like a dream! But, gotta have working bathrooms! Haha
May you continue to make art, teach others and sing to the trees!
(((hugs))) Nancy

Peggy said...

Nancy, what a wonderful post. You described every photo you couldn't post so well, my brain took the photos! Snap. Snap. Snap. :))

This is something I do, too -- thinking of alternatives I love that are doable, easy, earth friendly, and more reasonable. Usually with house stuff (50's house) but more and more with other things -- even precious time. Gosh, do you suppose it's anything to do with that wisdom we keep hearing comes with age?

Good stuff here! xo

Nancy said...

Peggy~ Glad you enjoyed this post. I've heard of that 'wisdom' thing, but I'm not so sure! Haha