Saturday, August 11, 2012


The sunset was really something tonight.
Hopefully the clouds will be gone in time to view the
later tonight!

Here are a couple more sunset pictures:

It has been well over 100 degrees for six days now and not expected to cool off in the next couple of days either!
I check on our elder friends, women, and make sure they are holding up well with all of this heat.  "Strong Women" is what my mom and I used to say.
A circle of Strong Women. 

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2012


Deb G said... weather. Hope it cools down soon for you. Hope you were able to see the meteor shower...I always want to stay up to see if I can see it and always fall asleep.

deanna7trees said...

love that first image. the news said best time to view the meteor shower would be just before dawn but i was sound asleep.

saskia said...

love seeing images of your life over there, these skies are spectacular

handstories said...

beautiful skies, but oh, that heat- i'd be immobile. we had a pretty pink sky last night, but i was w/o the camera. take care!

Nancy said...

Deb~ It is supposed to cool down...soon. 103 right now. I saw a few streaks last night, but it was a bit too cloudy. I'll try again tonight, if I have the energy!

Deanna~ Isn't that sky amazing. It started to fad as I ran in for my camera, but I was glad to catch a bit of it.

Saskia~And I love visiting you too :)

Cindy~ I've been a lump on the couch...A Lot! Don't ya love the colors of sunset?!!

Anonymous said...

the heat has been amazing around here, too, though not triple digits. It is good of you/others to check on your neighbors... I have been leaving lots of water out for the birds.

Nancy said...

Dee~ And it's good of you to care for the birds :)

Leslie said...

We are lucky. While the days are still getting warm and sticky (more like mid 80s), the nights are beginning to cool a bit. I can feel fall coming!

Nancy said...

Leslie~ Oh how nice for you. We were back up to 100 today. Ugh!