Friday, August 3, 2012

Summer Storm

I notice a certain smell...hear a certain sound.
Is it?
YES!!!  Yes, it is a summer storm! 
I run outside, head back, arms spread wide.
Raindrops the size of loose pocket change.
First one, then a few...then many pound the pavement, pound the brown earth.  The flash of light warns me.  The crack of thunder fills me.   The scent of rosemary holds me.
There is nothing, and I mean Nothing like a summer thunderstorm!
As the clouds shift and move, begin to clear, the hummingbirds come out to play!  And there are many visiting today!
They zoom and feed and fly right by me, buzzing loudly.
They seemed to love the fresh rain air as much as I do! 

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2012


Ms. said...

Oh that landscape is just gorgeous Nancy, and the little hummers too....YAY

deanna7trees said...

love the hummers. i seem to only get one visitor at a time.

Nancy said...

Michelle~ I love those trees, two neighbors over. They hold so much beauty and so many dreams and my beautiful hawks.

Deanna~ Me too :) We've been very busy over here, guy saw 10 once!! WoW-Za!

sewing susan said...

Nancy, I agree your summer rain storms are marvelous. The words you used to describe it were beautiful. I love how big the drops are and how they offer relief to the heat. And how clean and fresh everything feels afterward. And I love the sound humming birds make too especially when there are several. How can something so little make such a big sound.

Thanks for coming over and visiting my blog time for thread again. :)

handstories said...

i love a good storm, happy to know the hummingbirds do too!

Nancy said...

Susan~ I love the big fat drops too. And you're right - that after the rain feeling...Mmmm...
I'm working on not being so startled by those humming birds :)

Cindy~ Yes, they seemed to love it!

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

I also love a good summer rain storm, we've had too few of them this summer, but now that we're going camping we're suppose to have a major one! I guess I'll listen to the pitter-patter on our camper roof while I quilt.

Nancy said...

Kathy~ That sounds like a nice plan. Hope it is warm enough for your camping trip :)

india flint said...

hummingbirds are such a joy

Nancy said...

India~ Yes they are. We get so much pleasure from watching them.