Sunday, January 21, 2018

Books, Paper and Letting Go

While home all of those days while my eye healed,
I wasn't able to do too much.
Much to my disappointment, as I thought the recovery would be much easier.

So, there has been no sewing, very little book reading 
(somehow the computer is easier to read) and no making of any other kind.
But, the thing I COULD do, which needed to be done, is clean out files and household or work related paperwork and go through my large book collection.

I am so ready to get rid of more, so that is what I did.
File after file after file...I shredded.

I love that this picture is blurry.
That is how it feels.  I've lost count of how many bags filled!

This leads me to a mini-rant.

When I opened the file drawer to pull out that file, the one you don't need in case you get audited, the 8 year old one,  I noticed some of the other years, 
I had saved more than I thought I had!  WHY?

Mmmm  Grrrr  I guess I always get caught up in the what do I NEED to save year to year.  Do you save charge card or utilities bills?  Some paper you always have to save.  FOREVER! 
Oh, how I dream of being one who so easily tosses ANYTHING she doesn't want.  
Audit-Shmadit, what's that?  

And really what is with all this PAPER???  So many bags filled!  
Such a waste of resources and time.
What if you live in a TINY HOUSE?  
How do you store the so-called 'needed' 7 years of PAPER? Huh?  
I so badly want to shred it all!!!  All of the housekeeping paperwork, all of the teaching paperwork...all, all, all!  

Photo by NAE ©2018

And don't even get me started on all of the PAPERCLIPS!!!!!!  I still have zillions of my mom's (my sister and I split them, because they are useful, right?  Can't just throw away something useful!)  But of course, I will never, ever use all of these, even half of them!  How many darn pieces of paper does one need to hook together?
If you don't have the PAPER then you don't need the PAPERCLIPS!

My other project has been the books in the big bookshelf, on his bookshelf...
in every room of the house.
I have so many unread books.  While Dee's reading goal is so inspiring, I know I just don't have the time and some of the titles just don't interest me like they once did or I've decided I probably, truthfully won't read some titles, even if I feel like I 'should'.
A subject may interest me, but not in a deep, read a whole book kind of way.

I think it is time to let go and move on.
This is particularly hard for me coming from a book family and loving books as I do.
To make myself feel better, I try to pass them along to those would like - love them? actually read them?
As I mentioned in my last post, I have an extra copy of 

I also have the following books, ready to go.

and more!

Then there are a few on writing or grammar, mostly belonging to my mom.


Then there are a bunch of art/quilt books.
Great and like new!

If you'd like a book, just let me know, sooner rather than later.
As soon as I've gone through them all, there is a wonderful non-profit here that will pick books up from your home.  They then give them away at local events (Week of the Young Child celebration, our local Pow Wow, etc.)

So there you have it, cleaning clutter.
Paper and Books...wait til I get into the studio and tackle Cloth!
Back to work.
Take care, Nancy


Liz A said...

Time well spent, I’d say ... and as a retired librarian I’m a big fan of weeding books, which makes the truly wanted/needed books so much easier to find

Nancy said...

Liz~ Ah, good point! I have discovered books I did not remember having! But it is hard when you love so many!

Deb G said...

Oh my! Your really are diving in to this. :)

Nancy said...

Oh Deb...I HAVE to!!! I am so tired of stuff that I am not using! xo

Ms. said...

A recent blog from Judy calls it 'Death Cleaning. I like that very much, and love the Joni Mitchell you sent me, but no more because, as you know I've been accumulating for decades and need to continue clearing. I wish there was a non profit worthy that would come to my third floor apartment. Alas, it is up to me to lug shopping carts down the stairs and around a few blocks to one of three. Onward! PS-I also love that you are blogging again.

Nancy said...

Michelle~ Yes, I remember reading that (now that you remind me). I like it too. I keep thinking I want it all gone, then I can't decide about a particular item and think oh well, my kids will have to deal with it!! And yes, I know not to send you more, I just couldn't resist the Joni! I wish I nearby to help you (its much easier when it is not your stuff!) Anyway, I've been good and instead of sending, read a couple poems from my mom's poetry books in your honor. xo

Mo Crow said...

look forward to hearing that your eyes are working better than ever!

Nancy said...

Mo~ My eye is getting better and better each day! Thank goodness!