Saturday, February 10, 2018

How Its Been

Before my surgery, I began this...2 X's, cross stitched on muslin.  I haven't worked on it since, as it is a bit stressful on my eyes.  But, my plan is to finish it ASAP and send it off for the 70273 Project.
This heartfelt project came to my attention a while back and I kept it in the back of my mind, to get to later.  Soon is later, I do think.

I have been able to do some weaving however.  I've been working on the medicine bag started long, long ago.  It is almost done now.

My eye is on the mend still, with new interesting muscle/nerve twitching just below the eye.  Not painful, just freaky. One more post-op appointment will hopefully wrap things up.  We'll see (haha).

Also, I have revived a very old project that involves movie making!  If I ever complete it, I'll let you all know!

In the meantime, I think of my next collaborative project, Mo and Old Man Crow's "I Dream of a World Where Love is the Answer".
You can read all of the related posts at the link above.  It's funny, when you look for Love, you start to see it everywhere, even at Target!

Thank you to all of you who come here to read, look and converse.  It means the world to me, because this community helps keep my faith in humanity alive.  I hate to say it, but if it weren't for y'all, my faith would be a sunk ship at this point.

Here's to beauty in the world, where we can find it and sharing it with those we care about.

Photo by NAE ©2018

Hang on to beauty and good people where you can, it matters.


Ms. said...

dear sister beauty finder. Me too...I hang on every scrap of it...oh we are a tenacious crew of blog buddies. Those last photos got me thinking Spring despite this wet chilly weekend...and the iron footed trolls above me who drop heavy objects for no known reason pushing the limit of my hard won civility to the edge of a scream :--> Glad to hear the troublesome eye is beginning to behave a bit better. I have one of your little woven bags...still wonderful to touch. Better try to sleep it's almost 3AM in misty Manhattan.

Marti said...

Images in photos, in words, reaching out, as you have always done Nancy, sharing the beauty of your surroundings, giving us kindness, caring and thoughtful conversation. Wandering "pomegranate trail" with you, is a gift. Your blog is like a pebble thrown into the river, rippling across the internet, touching us all.

Mo Crow said...

(((Nancy))) what a beautiful post, spring is in the air over there, what's the pink flowering tree? and movie making? the 2 red x's in cross stitch will be beautiful!

Liz A said...

As I read this, my husband was watching a video of the Democratic candidate who is running against Ted Cruz. There are "good people" to be found and I dare to hope.

Love is the answer.

susan hemann said...

lovely post, I know what you mean about connections with others holding you up, I'm an artist with multiple handicaps. Getting old stinks. It can be weeks before I see or talk to anyone. Thank God for social media!

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

it's what we CAN do...keep holding Heart, keep connected...that

Nancy said...

Thank you to each one of you for leaving your kind words here!
Michelle~ Oh yes, those neighbors of yous!! Not too neighborly! It makes me happy that you still enjoy your medicine bag :) Today started off warmish-coolish, little breeze and two hawks in 'my' trees and a hummingbird in the aloe vera!

Marti~ The 'gift' feeling is mutual! I always look forward to your words/heart and am always well-rewarded. (((hugs)))

(((Mo)))~ I don't know what any of the flowering plants/tree are...but so pretty! Don't ya love the little girl's t-shirt?!

Liz~ "Hope" can keep us going, yes?!!

Susan~ I agree and this week, I'm good just talking to my online friends, this fills me.

Grace~ At times, it is ALL we Can do! xo