Monday, January 1, 2018

Steppin' Out

This title kept popping into my head as I've been walking this past week and we have a new year ahead of us all ready for stepping out!
We took a short hike in our nearby wilderness area, where we often go.
Even though this is not a new area, I always make new discoveries.
 I've also walked my own neighborhood again recently.
It has been a long time.

In between, I've been starting the new year letting go of old stuff.
For as often as I've written those words, you would think that I would have nothing left!
If only that were true!

So, anyway, let walk together, shall we?
First, we'll hike.

Patchwork car in the parking area!
More locks discovered!
These things fascinate me still!
Look at all the tumble weeds!  Still super dry here.
Stay Gold
Tree Love
A single lock on the way out
A short hike, with many photos!

Sometimes I think taking photos is my favorite creative expression.
I especially like that they leave no trail, to speak of.
I rarely print any of them.  I store them in my computer, leave them on the memory card for a time and put them here.
I share and enjoy them in my own lifespan.
Then if they go when I go, well that's fine by me.
There is no mark I feel compelled to leave.
I am merely traveling through.

Sometimes I do that in my neighborhood too.

"my" my neighbor's!!
Rose and Stone
Fallen oak, cut end
River rock, still my favorite
One pole, 5 woodpeckers!
Extra large tree
Pomegranate on neighbor's porch
So, there you have it.  The little things noticed as I move out and about.
The little things worth noticing, I think.

As I greet another year, I look forward to more noticing...
with my same old, repaired eyes! 

UV damage
As I welcome the year ahead, I begin it with a small surgery to repair
UV damage from all this wonderful sunshine and a long lifetime!
I'll have a patchwork eye soon!

As i greet 2018, I reflect on what is important to me...
what I'd like more of in my life...
what I'd like less of.

As I greet another year, I look forward to more noticing...
with my same old, repaired eyes!

May your year be filled with all you love,


Ms. said...

The messages are always in the details and you are a fine noticer. I took out my magnifying glass for the five woodpeckers :--> I am also eliminating and organizing and it's actually my main work for this late life time. Best of luck for your surgery. It's both eyes, right? I can see some abstract reflection in that's rather beautiful. After surgery you will I hope get glasses that protect. I'll email a reference to you...A media worker suggested it to me when I said the computer light tires me. I got the screen but I think I'd like the glasses. Don't know if it's relevant to you but you decide.

Onward into the New Year dear friend.

PS did you pick up the pomegranite?

Hazel said...

Enjoyed seeing the "patches" of your places. Wishing you continued beautiful visions. ox

Nancy said...

Michelle~ I keep thinking of you with so many poetry books of my mama's! Oh what to do? It is hard to get a good eye picture. I have many to show for all my trying! And it was hard to fit in all the woodpeckers too, but you can click on the pic to enlarge it! Xo

Nancy said...

Hazel~ You never know where you may find a patch! happy New Year to you and the guys. xo

Mo Crow said...

thank you for sharing your walk love that patched car, happy new year good luck for the eye surgery may the world be bright!

Nancy said...

MO~ Yes that patched car is crazy!! We've got lots of Bright over here, that's for sure! Happy New Year to you as well. xo

Els said...

Thanks for taking us along Nancy !
And a happy and healthy 2018 !!!

Nancy said...

Els~ Happy New Year to you too! May you travel well :)

Liz A said...

Nancy - thanks for taking us along on your walk ... may it be the first of many peaceful saunters in the new year

Nancy said...

Liz~ Thanks, you too. May you embrace peace in the New Year as well!

Anonymous said...

and your year, too -- may it be filled with love! such fun to go on these walks with you. there is something great about digital expressions not really taking up any space... (unlike books, right?). What is that round metal thing with the link-like loops around its edge?

Nancy said...

Dee~ Yes, I think about that the "things we are leaving behind" thing a lot. It is a top view the pole of locks in the photo above. why so many locks that never really LOCK anything???

jude said...

hey! been so shut in over here, stretching and venturing out finally. here we go again...

Nancy said...

Jude~ Yes...and I really, deeply love that 'again' part. It is good to be a part of something wonderful for so long now. I've not been out due to the surgery, but we may need food soon!