Saturday, September 26, 2015

Then and Now and Then and Now Again

                                              So, I've been singing this song in my head ever since we spent the night in Saratoga Springs, NY.  You know the line: "You went up to Saratoga, where your horse naturally won".  Or something like that.  While there we went into the local shops, including this hat shop (this is their gallery page, so you can get a taste of it).  I felt as if I'd walked into My Fair Lady and bit my tongue, hard, from repeatedly saying, "Move your bloomin' arse!"  I seriously had no idea that folks really live like this, where they come into town for the racing season, wear fancy hats and live it up! My blood flows a much muddier color :)
We tasted The Waters in town...YUC!
There were some very fun shops there.  The Saratoga Tea and Honey Company was a sweet stop.  My grandson had lots of tastes and I saw an April (my birth month) teacup, something I haven't seen in ages.  My daughter loved the leather and metal "follow your path" bracelet in the jewelry store.  There was an olive oil shop that wonderful scent called you in from the sidewalk!
I treated myself to some new yarn at Common Thread.
The funny thing was, I saw hand-dyed and I thought cool-local...but when I got it home, the tags show the company is in Van Nuys, CA!!  That is where I grew up, so I thought it was pretty funny that I got it all the way across the country and it came from right here!

New yarn
Colors blend
I got this for the specific purpose of making myself a new medicine bag.
I've not had one since 2008 when I passed mine on to my mama, as she passed on.
I wore that one daily, for years.
After making dozens of these, I've learned that I like the thinner yarns much better.  That is one factor that drew me in, along with the feel and the color.
Old medicine bag
This yarn was available in a few different color schemes.  There was another one I liked too, which had some dark green in it.  I liked the woodsy feel of that.  I thought about getting both, but this was splurging enough!  You can see the other colors here. There are about 4 others I really like!  We talked about the fact that this reminded us of my youth, my Free Zuma Beach days.  So with that in mind, I decided to do something for me.

The weaving begins
As soon as I got the top band of the weaving on, it occurred to me that I should include some beautiful waves in it.  You can see that started here.  For those of you who do not weave, I'll do that by not continuing all the way across for a few passes.  I've not decided if I will add any other yarns or do the whole thing out of just this one.  I have considered adding only creamy, tan colors.  I have that beautiful tan Alpaca, that I love.  So maybe.

As I've spent time caressing this is so soft! ...
I'm remembering my teen years and my authentic self and I thought maybe I'd add some of my puka shells to it.  Maybe.

Old puka shell necklace
This necklace was mine when I was a teen.  I wore it every day (I'm big on that every day thing!).  But there is a big difference in the neck of a 16 year old and one of a, hmm 55+ year old!  I'm considering using some of the shells here.  My best friend and I got these from a family friend who got them for us straight from Hawaii, where he lived...the real deal.  They cost us, but they were real!  Haha  It still fits, but is not comfortable.

I'm working slowly.  There is no hurry.  I'm taking care.  I'm feeling this one along the way.

Happy at 16!  Puka shells too :)
I found this little keychain while searching for the missing charms for the binding.
Nice timing, I thought.  So I'm using it again.

Something Silly

The Stocking Tub

Last happening...if this tub is out...a Christmas Stocking is in process!
This plastic picnic-style container holds all I need while building a Christmas Stocking.
I'd rather use a basket, much more romantic...
but this thing is so functional!  lol
I've had it since the 1990's ~ I'm sure it'll last my lifetime.
My favorite thing about it is that because it is solid, nothing ever falls out and gets lost.
That is important to me when I work on these, as they are all gifts or orders and I like it to be as stress free as possible.

Starting the name
The names are all cross-stitched.  The stockings are all hand-made and very personalized.
I don't want to give away to much, so you'll have to wait.
But, I will show it later.  Promise.

The last days I've been working hard to do some for others, some for me, and some that's been on my mind for a long while.  Maybe I'll write about that next time.

I hope you are spending your days doing things you enjoy too.

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2015


deanna7trees said...

you save even more stuff than i do. gorgeous yarn. i stopped going into shops because i wind up buying things i don't need. the weaving already looks beautiful.

Nancy said...

Haha Deanna! Yes, I had a great teacher in my mother. I loved this necklace, it was such a part of me at that time. I don't shop much anymore either. It was more of a in the moment, on vacation with my daughter. I do have 'enough' yarns, but it was fun to pick something out for me. I rarely do that. I'm so interested to see how the weave evolves.

Dana said...

Sometimes something new is just the spark that gets creativity flowing faster. I love the pictures of you at 16. I wore puka shells too, but mine aren't comfortable anymore either.

Nancy said...

Dana~ Thanks! Oh to be our young selves again! lol

Mo Crow said...

loving listening to this song again, seeing the old photos & this new medicine pouch to celebrate the getting of wisdom along with the smile lines

Nancy said...

Mo~ Me too! the good old music is just always still good! The wisdom comes slowly, with lots of smiles. Thanks, love to see ya here.

Ms. said...

I stop by when I can and here you are telling me you were in Saratoga/////a long rickety train ride away from this City and a beautiful spot. Lovely lovely choice of color dear Nancy. After last night's super moon and full eclipse, my mind turns daily toward the memory of Northern Winters.....Your little necklace worn bag with it's beach glass lovely is still with me and so I think of you every day when I see it hanging on the hooks that hold only special things.

Anonymous said...

More treasure making! Love the colors of that yarn…oh, puka shells…

Nancy said...

Michelle~ Your words warm my heart, the image of you looking to your medicine bag in your days in NYC. I was so close to you (compared to usually - when I'm out west!)

Cindy~ (((smiling)))