Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Besides all the stitching I've been doing...
besides that, these are the moments that sustain me.
I look for them.
I embrace them.
I hold them gently.
Or I gasp in awe and delight or amazement.
Then I let them go.
These are the moments that make up my days.
Fantastic or mundane.
A treasure, every one.
Take a tour of past moments from the summer of 2015...
(as always click on photos to enlarge)
Morning sky from my shower
Morning oranges from my shower
July 4th fly was so low!  Right on top of us!
Peace and Love ~ J. goes to Ringo's Birthday celebration, I get the bracelet!
Remember the children's books "Where's Waldo?" ~ On my lunch walk it was "Where's Mickey?"
 This drop sat here all day.  Curious.

Sunflower to the sky
Saying goodbye
 In my cleaning out, I passed this activity set on to a teacher I know.  Don't you just love that little Pickle Woman?  Her cape has a "P" on it :) That's her pals Pretzel and Frog with her.

Another lunch time walk.  This one had me thinking of Saskia.  Amazing how intact it is.
Rusty, found by J. The guy knows a good gift when he sees it!
Whirly-gig made by J.
Lunch walk ~ I love skies like this!
Birds over the back 40
There were 5-6, but I couldn't get them all in the picture at the same time.  Loved the nice cool sky, for a change.

We even got a bit of rain...YAY!!!
Hello there!
The mess
 I'm getting to where I just dislike this room and want to throw everything out!
At least some floor shows, and even more since I took this picture.  I keep getting rid of stuff and it keeps looking like this.  Grrr...
I've spent days looking for something in there that I wanted to use for a current project.
No luck.
I guess the universe had other plans for me and this project.  It did prompt me to clean more parts up (read that as move piles around!)  The ironing board is down and fabric is together in a giant pile to be looked at later.  What a disaster!
How can I poetically embrace this moment?  Mmmm?

A little (big) first aide for thin skin, which doesn't like adhesive.  Another way to bring cloth into your life!
Smile!  Bringing some sunshine in a blue sky into the workplace for a special celebration.  Cloth saves the day when a yellow shirt is nowhere to be found!
Gathered on the needle, warmth
I hope you've been enjoying the many moments that make up your days, as I have.
Now, if someone would just turn off the darn heat!
 Take Care, Be Kind

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2015


Liz Ackert said...

What a great post ... thank you! And yes, I'm ready for the heat to end.

Marti said...

Well I just love a post like this, filled with moments of daily life. Noticing the daily rhythms of our days are what I call the blessings of the sacred ordinary. For me, life matters most, closest to the bone. It is not the grand adventures but the ongoing every day moments that matter because they truly make up the diary of our lives and speak of a life well lived, a life that is attentive. Thanks Nancy for sharing this with us.

deanna7trees said...

wonderful images. it's amazing when we start to straighten up a room it winds up looking messier than when we started. i'm there as well. we've been told that we've had our last 100 degree day but i've given up believing the weathermen. looking forward to Fall.

Nancy said...

Liz~ Thanks. We seem to be heading towards triple digit heat wave, again. Ugh.

Marti~ Grand or small, it is all life. You're welcome :)

Deanna~ Oh, I will hope for cooler days for you!

Ms. said...

The whirlygig of your days is delightful, delicious and oh so recognizable dear you, I send kindness to kindness

Anonymous said...

Love your cloud shots. I have a room that I started working through at the beginning of summer & now you can't even walk into it?! How did that happen?

Nancy said...

Hey Michelle! I was thinking of you when I was so close, while in MA and NY for my son's wedding. I welcome your kindness and send some back to you :)

Cindy~ Doesn't that always seem the way of things?!!