Monday, September 10, 2012

Beach Dream

Yesterday I spent a few hours with family and friends visiting
at a house, which sits on the edge of the beach.
We went to share the dream of an old friend.
A large patio filled with tiki trinkets and ocean life yard art 
and comfortable wicker & 
bamboo seats for relaxing.
So we did that.
We sat.
We chatted and lunched and enjoyed the much cooler ocean air.  And we watched.
The sailboats drift by, the bicycles move down the boardwalk, the volleyball players leap and dive ~ arms outstretched in anticipation.
We watched across the wide sands to see the the sun dance upon the water.
And strolled down to feel it's warmth tickle our toes.
And the queen of the house, the elderly friend
now eighty-eight
well sometimes she heard our words and sometimes she didn't.
I heard her though, each time she quietly repeated, 
in total contentment
how the air was 'so soft'...
the breeze, the air...
so soft.

I think everyone needs to bask in soft air now and then
It can be a hard world
Sometimes one needs
to sit at the edge
of the sands and be rocked by
the soft air.



Deb said...

oh my aching gills, do I ever need a weekend at the shore.

Peggy said...

Nancy, your poem is beautiful. It unfolded so softly.


Nancy said...

Deb~ Ha! Yes,'s so nice in the early fall, and much quieter.

Nancy said...

Peggy~ Thank you...soft like the air :)

Ms. said...

yes--rocked near the shore and soft the breeze--just what the doctored ordered. Sometimes, maybe all times if we stop to think about it...we are just where we're supposed to be.

Nancy said...

Michelle~ Yes, sometimes we are, but sometimes we have to look closely to make sure.

handstories said...

i have been wishing for the ocean lately.

jenclair said...

And sometimes the soft air is just the presence of friends.

Nancy said...

Cindy~ Yes, I don't get there enough.

Jenclair~ Nice thought. She also kept saying how glad she was to have "all four of her 'daughters' together" (that would be her 2 daughters and my sister & I daughters of one of her closest friends). She was so happy to see us all at the same time.

blandina said...

I love your poem,it is a good reminder that I have to stop and enjoy the moment.

Nancy said...

Blandina~ Yes, those small moments really matter :)