Sunday, June 7, 2015

Last Week

Last week we were finally able to hike a neighborhood trail I discovered a while back.  It is actually walking distance from the house, but since we were unfamiliar with the difficulty of the trail, we drove over for this first visit.

*As always, click on photos to enlarge*

It was pretty hot, of course!  The sky was hazy at the horizon, but looking up...nothing but blue skies!

There was a lot of this crazy dried vine with spectacular round pods (?)  And of course, unlocked locks hanging around too!

I happen to glance up on the hills edge and spy this guy basking in the sun. J. spies this guy in the photo below.  I am intrigued with just how well they camouflage themselves!

Previous hikers left benches created to take in the view.  And some sort of wild fruit.
Anyone know what these are?

At the summit there is another fence and gate post that keeps nothing out!
Beyond it there are a few memorials made by gathering rocks.  Hikers have left their messages written on the rocks or on the paper in the special box.

My message is kinda lame, but heartfelt.
I'm so grateful for the days I am able to hike with J.

I am full of gratitude for the small things and the big picture.
Thanks for coming along,

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2015


deanna7trees said...

it's nice that people leave their mark so others will know they were there. thanks for sharing your adventure.

Ms. said...

Such bright skies and fine plants. I love the rock peace sign, the snake and lizard, and that you were able to take the time to hike in company. The very thing to clear cobwebs and fortify hearts.

Peggy said...

I liked this post, Nancy. The rocks and locks, the creatures, the view -- you left the perfect message. I'm thinking you could do a photo series with the locks on fence-less gates you've come across on hikes!

Peggy said...

And I forgot to mention that even though I didn't get to comment when I read it, I loved seeing your trip to Albuquerque! You must've had a wonderful time being all together again. xoxo

Anonymous said...

As always, it's lovely to tag along in a different environment. Love those thistly flowers.

Saskia van Herwaarden said...

ah, thank you for this walk, those endless blue

Anonymous said...

what is lame about 'keep our world safe'? it's almost the big, underlying one - the prayer below all others.

Nancy said...

Oh man...I sure haven't been here to respond to all of you. How rude. Sorry, life and sick again. You know how that goes!
Deanna~ Yes it is. Reminds me of the "Kilroy was here" thing of years ago.

Michelle~ Getting out to hike these days is a special treat. Between the heat and aging bodies, well...we love it when we do! I love those blue skies too.

Peggy~ I've considered that too, that is part of the reason I keep taking these unlocked & borderless photos! I have some "steps to nowhere" photos from the No Cal coast, years ago. They are really to keep the cattle in...or out...or something! And yes, it was great to see my kids together!

Cindy~ I could sure use to tag along in your cooler neck of the woods lately!! I liked those flowers to. J. said nettles. Is that what you think too Peggy?

Saskia~ And I walk with you for calming :)

Dee~ Yes, I suppose you are right, but in the moment it felt silly. Now after this recent week, maybe it is all there really is. So, not so silly after all.

wholly jeanne said...

What a fun and beautiful post! I feel like I've been on a walk with you (but I didn't get any step credit at all. Shoot).