Sunday, June 21, 2015


Well this little gift is finally on it's way to Els.
She was the winner of my blog give-away in May of 2014.
*As usual ~ click on photos for a closer view!*
The nice thing about taking so long on a cloth, on a gift, is that one gets lots of time to
meditate on that person, keep up with their life happenings and generally consider and ponder for quite some time.

I made the little bag first.  Those seem to come to me so much quicker.
I liked these colors for her as her own work is so filled with beautiful color.
The sky blue and deep purple especially reminds one of her wool and garden.

One side, with rock.
Here it rests on my rosemary bush, gathering a scent of it's own here in 
Sunny California.

The other side, with a bit of magic thread.
 I like the way some of the threads become fuzzy and poke out, 
like tendrils from the Spring Earth.

The 'front'
This is the cloth I introduced earlier.
I added on a bit of blue at the top and bottom.
Sky and Water?  Perhaps.
I leave that up to the viewer and Els of course!
The blue lightweight denim began as collar on a shirt
once belonging to my mom or dad.  I no longer remember which one.
One day at work, when it was particularly bothering me, I cut it off!!

 It is a bit hard to tell from my photos, but I cut out the center (which I used part of on the bottom) and sewed the two pointed ends together for the top section.
I threw a little blanket stitch around the edges, just because.
I added a crocheted piece from button hole to button hole, as a hanger or...?

The backside trail
 I used the buttons to attach the blue denim, but I think I will add a 
few more stitches for more strength, as it hangs a
little wonky!
The combination of cloths has nothing like the lightness or drape that Jude or Saskia often consider in their cloth-making.
The thickness appeals to me this time around.
Something sturdy to hold in one's hands.

Sometimes we need that.
Els, I hope you enjoy this as well.

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2015


deanna7trees said...

how wonderful that it was made especially for Els. i'm sure she will love and appreciate it. love the colors.

Nancy said...

Thanks Deanna, I like these colors too. I like it best when I am making something FOR someone in particular. Have a nice week, Nancy

Els said...

Ahhhh Nancy .... I hope there's still some of the scent of your
rosemary bush left when it arrives here !!!! Can't wait to hold
it in my hands and feel all of the energy you stitched into it !
I'll let you know as soon as it is here !

Nancy said...

Els~ Could you smell the rosemary?

Saskia van Herwaarden said...

lucky Els!!

Nancy said...

Aw, thanks Sasx!