Sunday, January 25, 2015

Open to Our Sunday Hike

Even though I was wheezing a bit, we went for a hike.  I'm glad we did because now I feel like I've got my usual cold thing coming on.  Blech.  And just in time for some "Weather" and a week with two after work meetings.  We may get some rain this week, so I best prepare!!  Please read the sarcasm into that last comment.
Anyway, we went for a short two hour exploration in the same general area as last week.  Just on the other side of the mountain.
The area is called Elsmere Canyon, you can read about it here.  
There are lots of trails to choose from.
If you look at the map, you will understand how amazing it was to find the same rock the 1200 acres (even if it was in the same general area)!!!

*click on photos to enlarge*
I've left them some of them smaller so the post will hopefully load quicker for ya'll.

On the left, August 2013 & On the right, January 2015
I am in love with this story!  I am telling anyone who will listen the Rock Story.
When I picked it up last week, I felt like I was greeting an old friend.
I left it right there on the log.  Maybe we will meet again.

Anyway, today we thought we'd set the goal of hiking to the "knob".

Heading up the dirt trail

This part of the trail was an easy walk.  Along an old paved road, under the freeway and then up the dirt trail we went.
We continued up...up..up.

Looking back down on the trail in
A scattering of wildflowers
Amazing views

He disappears down this opening for a few minutes, but that story will come later!

Well Hello!
King of the hill!

We climb a small hill...greet more views and discover remains of those that lived here in years gone by.  I reflect that I am so darn happy I was open to hiking today.

Broken tile cairn 
This is the point where we have surveyed the land, looking for the best, easiest, quickest route up to the knob.
The thing is, there isn't one.
We decide, another day, with earlier start would be a good idea!
So, we head back down the hill.

J. tells me that the little nook he explored had some odd signs of mankind.

What I see is a house roof.
A typewriter
Got ironing?
Writing in rust
Found button

We find another treasure while walking the rest of the way out!

Stay tuned for our next installment of Sunday Hike!

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2015


Liz Ackert said...

Very intrigued by the "house roof" and thinking the ironing board has some great rust-dyeing potential. Wonderful finds ... my kind of walk!

Marti said...

The photo of you Nancy, arms outstretched, open, is so uplifting; it settled like a happy thought in my mind and heart.

Saskia van Herwaarden said...

hello Nancy, you look so darn happy! makes me smile too. such a great hike and then your sunshine, my my we sure could do with a little sunshine over here......

Nancy said...

Liz~ Ya, that ironing board had a great pattern! I always think of Dee Mallon when I see houses :)

Marti~ You are such a sweetheart. I always look forward to your comments. I'm glad you felt happy.

Saskia~ We had a fun hike together, so yes - happy. I am so spoiled by our sunshine.

Els said...

Hi Nancy, looks like you two had a wonderful day !!!
(doesn't look a lot like "winter" to me ...)

Lovely rusty things ... did you take them for dyeing ? or .... too heavy ?

Ms. said...

You are a wekcome burst of bright sunshine into my grey, chill world dear Nancy! Spectacular views of your world, of him, and wonderful you (wheeze not showing at all)...That wildflower is intriguing, and those smaller rusty bits will, if wrapped in cotton cloth and left in tea or onion skins for a few weeks make some truly wonderful natural dye pieces. Looking forward to more whenever.

Nancy said...

Els~ Haha Winter in SoCal is grand! I left all of the rust gifts for others to discover :)

Michelle~ Ah, yes...I am so happy to share the west coast sun with you!