Sunday, January 22, 2012

Romeo and Juliet ♥ 1968 and Velvet

                                      Do you ever have one of those moments where you suddenly have an idea pop fully formed into your head?  Of course you do, we all do, don't we?!  I think the technical name is an "AH-HA Moment"!  Today while reading two comments at favorite blogs, I had that happen.  I think the comments merged in my brain.  Over at Deb's bee creative both Deb and Jude mention the 'velvet' she is stitching on.  Then quickly after, I read the comment over at Jude's 9 hearts where Eva mentions love and Romeo & Juliet. brain realizes that in my mind those two are forever entwined.  This movie (posted above) and deep rich fabrics (velvet really).
I have recently, over the past year, been drawn more and more to velvet.  It is not a fabric I've ever bought, nor sewn with.  But lately, I really want to!  I now have a little piece (thanks Denna!) to add into current work.  I've dyed it a beautiful color, so I'm excited about that.  See if you can watch this trailer without an eye on all of the gorgeous fabrics!

None of this is really all that important in the 'grand scheme of things' (as my mother would say).  It just was a rather odd thing to realize, out of the middle of nowhere, that...Romeo & Juliet = Velvet.
This is one of my favorite movies of all time.  I was in the 5th or 6th grade and I walked to the theater with my best friend, meeting along the way one of the boys everyone 'liked'.  He was your typical cute, popular bad boy!!  So he went with us, but would not actually sit with us (girls, you know).  Instead he sat several seats and a row away.  As we were falling in Love (draw a big heart around that word) with Leonard Whiting and wishing to be Olivia Hussey, he was snickering.  We fell in love with love that day.  The kind of love that lasts forever and really means something!  Romantic love.  Everything about the movie and those two young actors was perfect in our eyes.  Well, practically perfect, with one big exception, I wouldn't Really kill myself!  It was just all that grand beauty and drama.  (((sigh)))  Oh, how we wanted to be Olivia!  And so, as we sobbed at the ending, the bad boy several seats away laughed outright.  I wonder what further meaning this scenario paints?!  The difference between the genders, at least at that young age.  Or the roles society places on us, the ones we learn unconsciously at a very young age.  I've thought about that over the years when reflecting on this oh-so-clear example.

Anyway, now that I know this connection of mine, I think I will use velvet with a new kind of intention.  Thank you to those who inspired this train of thought :)

PS In searching for this video, I found these two that also caught my eye:
view one
view two
The second one has a more current song: Ghost of a Rose by blackmore's night
I ended up really liking this song and the video is very well done.


deanna7trees said...

can't wait to see what comes of this revelation...

Ms. ∆×∆p×≥h/4π said...

I concur--what's grown in the hearts memory, flowers in the work of the hands.

I am a cynic when it comes to romantic love, and although the scenery--though the costumes are lush at a screen distance, actual conditions of the times where water was scarce enough (no indoor plumbing in those drafty castles) figured to be quite pungent and uncomfortable at the least. None the less, it is a gorgeous spectacle, and whatever your inspiration touches will be equally exquisite.

woman with wings said...

Oh Nancy, I'm with you all the way on this one! In my blue notebook where I write random stuff I have a heading, Velvets I Have Known. Velvet is that important in my sensory memories! This movie was also a turning point of some sort for me. I was more in love with Juliet than Romeo, too. I wanted her hair. I bought the sheet music and played it on the piano over and over. Seventeen magazine always seemed to have a lot of velvet dresses that I cut out. My mom sewed me several copying those pictures, my first prom dress was velvet that she made. Oh what wonderful memories. Thank you for bringing them to light. I'll be watchin' what you make with your velvet. xo

k said...

I had to laugh. Unless The Catholic Times approved a movie, my mom didn't either...I don't remember what was bad about Romeo and Juliet but it was definitely NOT on the approved list, my sister and I felt like the only girls in town who could go! My sister still has her blue velvet prom dress. I will be watching for the velvet in your work. Thanks for the memories.

k said...

*couldN'T go

Leslie said...

Ah, yes. To be in love with love and the feel of velvet. Both wonderful.

handstories said...

every year the freshmen were shown this movie w/lots of giggling because we were going to see nudity in school! but i remember the beauty too & the music.

Deb G said...

I love how thoughts can come together. Looking forward to seeing what you make...velvet is a wonderful, wonderful fabric.

Nancy said...

Thanks for the comments everyone!
Deanna & Deb- yes, time will tell!
Michelle- I think I'm an odd mix of cynic and romantic!
Peggy- Yes it was hard work to get the frizzy hair to behave during those years! Haha
K- In looking for this clip, I came across one that interviewed them and spoke of the nude scene and how in the US she was not old enough to see her own movie. I sat there thinking that I had no problem getting in the theater!
Leslie- Ha I think so too. Makes life fun, eh?!
Cindy- I think HE must have giggled, we were too wrapped up in the passion and love of it all!

aracne said...

I was 15 when the movie came out, I cried all my tears, I was in love with someone who didn't reciprocate (I can not remember him) and I identified very much with this hopeless love!
About velvet, which I love too, visit this they still handweave velvet and brocade.

Nancy said...

Aracne - funny how strongly those memories stay with us! Thanks for the link.