Sunday, January 15, 2012


 Fly, soar, float, glide, wing, dart, accelerate, zoom, loop, navigate, alight, Nest, cradle, inhabit, perch, retreat, sanctuary, take root, Grow, develop, evolve, extend, expand, nurture, plant, sow, cultivate, till, reap, germinate, sprout, flourish, thrive, Change, alter, vary, reconsider, modify, transform,translate, make over, metamorphose, shift, convert, innovate, recast, remodel, revamp, reorganize, Strengthen, deepen, heighten, intensify, enhance, magnify, spread, disperse, inflate, escalate, inflate, smoothly, go well, prosper, appreciate, Blossom!
-NAE 2010

 Recently our neighborhood crows held a giant meeting.  Approximately 100 crows held council on my street, the power lines, neighbors rooftops.  Calling, shouting, conversing with each other.  They strolled across the road, ate acorns and flew from perch to perch.  They gathered in the oak trees.  They called us out to bare witness to this afternoon spectacle. 
I wished I spoke Crow. 
Just imagine hearing a large murder of crows sounding like this.
And here is one more in honor of those of you who just got snow!  

 Recently I was fortunate to see the monarch butterflies, on to the coast.  This photo shows them gathering in their 'clusters' for the night.  If they do not latch on and are left on the ground they usually do not survive the night time temperature drop or the foraging rats.  There were thousands of these Monarchs hanging from 
many, many clusters in the eucalyptus trees.

You can learn more about Monarchs here or here

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2012


Ms. ∆×∆p×≥h/4π said...

Love the list of words. What a wealth lies there. And that poor crow trying to get the remnants of something out of that plastic top. But it didn't take long to figure out it just wasn't gonna be easy on that slippy slide rooftop. As fr monarchs--well I know--and once I fell asleep between two dunes on fire Island and woke to the tickle of tiny feet on my face. When I opened my eyes the fluttering hundreds were all around me. I don't remember how long I was dumbstruck with awe. It was 1974 I think, and I can still see it.

Nancy said...

Michelle- I guess we each watched the video resulting in a different impression! Who knows what that crow was trying to do, yes?
I bet your monarch experience was something. It is amazing to see so many of them all at once!

deanna7trees said...

just love seeing those monarch butterflies. i have a picture of them here on my shelf that i printed on transparency film to allow the light to come through.

aracne said...

Oh, I loved to see the snowboarding crow, I like to think that he did it for pure fun.
Thanks for the links, I found them interesting and I learned that it could have been worst for you since crows can gather "sometimes forming flocks in the millions"!

Deb G said...

Someday I want to see the monarch butterflies hanging from the trees like that... I do like your list of words too.

woman with wings said...

Nancy, your word gathering is a masterpiece!

Crows are my favorite bird, well along with magpies, ravens, and owls (or whoever else is in sight on any given day!) But crows come to visit every day, sometimes a small murder, sometimes the big mama one. I know the neighbors probably wonder why they're always hanging around (we feed them).

Love the snowboarding crow, she may have started out trying to peck at it, but I'm pretty sure she was enjoying the ride! ;-) Thanks for all this goodness.

Anonymous said...

i was listing words in my head the other day...they must be flying around in the air.

it would be wonderful to see those butterflies...

Nancy said...

Deanna- I bet your picture looks great. We saw them too late in the day when the sun was setting. I'd love to see them at mid-day as recommended.

aracne- I like to think he/she was playing too! And I really Don't like seeing Anything in great numbers after seeing the movie "The Birds" as a kid. :)

Deb-Do they travel anywhere near you? I love to play with words.

Peggy- Thanks! We always have lots of crows in the back yard too!

Cindy- Funny! Write down your lists too :) I actually wrote that for one of my very dearest friends at a big turning point in her life many years ago. I've always liked it popped it in on my blog! :)

kaiteM said...

thanks for the link Nancy, it is wonderfilled to see

Nancy said...

Kaite- You're most welcome!