Monday, February 22, 2016

Still Here

Well, I've written at least half a dozen posts in my head while driving, or in the shower, or laying (or is it lying?) in bed.
I had things to say.
And then I didn't.

The photo above taken last week at work, before I broke my toe, sort of symbolizes 2016 so far for me.  A ragged heart.
In the course of only the first month and one half, there have been both delights and sadness.
Stories not mine to tell, but mine to live.
There has been fear, grief and utter excitement.
Illness, death, upcoming births...and more...

There has been everything.
But there has been an oddness to the feel of this year for me.

Not one I can put into words at this time. 
So, every mental post has just gone untyped.
I'm not really sure what I was going to say was all that important anyway.

Now, I sit with a broken toe, waiting for the pain part to go away.
Waiting for the healing part to get going, so I too can get going back to what I usually do.

Work and drive and take care of others.

I hope things are a little clearer in your world and filled with lots of heart too.

My trees

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2016


Ms. said...

It has been an odd and difficult Winter. You may have had less snow and temperature shifts...but I think it was likely hard none the less. It's not entirely over either. Poor ragged heart. We suffer so for what we know of others lives. Be as easy on yourself, tender if you can, and kindly with your self care. I'm still here too and thinking of you...with love.

Liz Ackert said...

I keep looking at your ragged heart, wondering what it is. It bears a striking resemblance to cracked, dried earth that I photographed yesterday ... I feel a patch of remembrance coming on and would like to link back to this if I may.

Wishing you speedy healing ... pain is miserable stuff to get through.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

your Trees watch over you

deanna7trees said...

sending love and hugs and healing thoughts.

Nancy said...

Michelle~ Yes, that is it. So much is absorbed. I hope you are feeling better, your winter has been a tough one.

Liz~ Yes, of course you may link. This heart is actually the white stripe in the parking lot - giving boundary to where we park! That's the asphalt peeking through :) First broken bone for me. I don't like it. Give me my migraines, those I'm used to! lol

Grace~ Oh they so hold me these trees! Even when I have to hobble out to see 'em!

Deanna~ Thank you so much, I can feel them :)

Roxanne said...

Thanks for that poem you left in Cindy's comments. I love David Whyte's words and hadn't heard that one yet. Funny, this lovely web!

Nancy said...

Roxanne~ Hey. Thanks. I love David Whyte too. Shared some over at Grace's too :) And there is some more here too! I had just recently searched for him here, so here are those links if you're interested. I love listening to him speak! Thank you for your comment :)

Sweetpea said...

You wrote: "So, every mental post has just gone untyped."
I read this and I thought, yup, this gal and I must be sharing a similar wavelenght for the beginning of this new year.......

Nancy said...

Christi~ More than just this year I think...after cruising from my 'trail' to your 'path'...I notice that we share a love of sweetpeas (my birth flower) and romantic lives among the flowers off on our own. If you do not know the book, "Miss Rumphius" just must check it out! You will fall in love with Lupines as well!
Thank you for your comment and for stopping by the trail, Nancy

Saskia van Herwaarden said...

oh poor you! having to stay put is such a drag, isn't it ironic how you can crave a day off and say to yourself 'I would like to have time to sit down and read a book' and then when you find you have to sit still, you realise you actually don't want to.......hope you are up and about sooner rather than later, take care sasx

Nancy said...

Saskia~ Yes...that is just exactly it! I've been taking good care :) Thanks a bunch Sasx

handstories said...

Dear Nancy, I know there is a lot going on in your world. I hope that you are surrounded by those who are tending your caregiving heart. Do take wonderful care of yourself!
(as for the lie/lay/laying dilemma…I never know either & have a good friend who's been trying to teach me for years. I try to never use the words around her. "When I was in a horizontal position in bed…" I'll say.)

Nancy said...

Cindy~ Haha yeas I always find a way around the word confusion too! The frustrating part is that my mom was an English teacher...I should know!! lol Yes, we've been taking good care of me. Thanks for your kind words :)

handstories said...

What's sad is that I was an English major!

Nancy said...

Ha. Well Cindy, then I am in very good company here :)