Friday, June 15, 2012

Surprise #2

I see you!
What a pleasant sight that one lone sunflower face is!  I love the tall redwood trees one house away.  My guy says they are about 80 feet tall!  I've had fun snapping photos of the two growing, reaching for the sky.

Happy bees!

At the right angle, I can make them appear to reach almost the same height!  In truth, the sunflowers are towering over the fence, almost to the rooftop!  Wow!   
9 foot sunflowers...who would have thunk it?!

The tops of the trees are where the hawks and crows sit and scream.
I delight in their morning calls.

Are you ready for your close up dear?

Today I pulled a few weeds at the base of this new fence.
They had settled into the hard sandy soil, a mere inches wide.
I saw what I thought were volunteers from the elm trees (they will take over if you let them).
I noticed another 'volunteer' under the apricot tree.  
I went to pull it out, as this was not a good place for a new tree.

Loosen the soil...wiggle...tug....wiggle, wiggle and 

A little walnut tree had sprouted!
The funny thing is that in the almost 13 years of the walnuts falling and being carried off by squirrels or moved, unawares, by car tires or our feet...
in all of those years not one has sprouted!  
Not until now, after the walnut tree was cut down.
Regeneration, rebirth, revenge?
I looked back to the fence and realized those were all walnut trees too.
That makes a little bit more sense since that is near where the grand old walnut tree 
once lived.
But, at the bottom of a fence is not a great growing place either, so out they came.
Although I was careful, only one other came up with some roots intact.

I quickly placed the little tree (and other one too)
 into the bare soil of the window box.
This isn't much of a place for a tree either, but I wanted to put it right back into soil so it would have more of a chance while I figure out a better home for it.
Remember the rose tree that didn't get that chance?
This is the window box that held sunflowers last summer.
There is something vaguely full circle about all of this.
From seed to plant to tree...
from here to there to where?
Something dies, something grows.
It's amazing really all that goes on in this small space.
What will you see, if you're looking?!

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2012


saskia said...

I have never seen how the tree grows from a walnut! This is truly insightful. There are lots of walnuttrees in 'our' part of the Netherlands, fruitgrowers and farmers country, one of the reasons being that having a walnut near to your house keeps the mosquitoes away (or so they say) plus it was a cheap source of protein. I personally love walnuts. Happy growing

Ms. said...

If you really really want that little walnut tree with it's ripped roots--soak it gently in warm water roll the roots in "root-tone" (available at hardware and plant places, place in a deep pot with sandy soil very light and give it time to grow it's roots back--months.

deanna7trees said...

is that hand dyed fabric i see blowin in the breeze in the first image?

handstories said...

a 2nd grader found just such a walnut tree this year, she brought it in & we were all amazed.

jenclair said...

Love your photos of the sunflower in various stages! And what a great surprise with the walnut tree!

Nancy said...

Saskia~ I hadn't either! I have not had the old walnut tree help at all with the mosquitoes! They love me!! I'm slightly allergic to walnuts, so I don't eat them too much.

Michelle~ I will keep this tip in mind.

Deanna~ The fabric is showing my prayer flags from the back. You may remember them from back here:;postID=4877705366292337283

Cindy~ I bet that will be well-remembered!

Jenclair~ Thanks, more are opening :)

woman with wings said...

Nancy, this was just wonderful. I'm "rooting" for your little walnut tree from here to there. xo

Nancy said...

Thanks Peggy, me too :)

Leslie said...

I love sunflowers. One year a very large sunflower sprung up under my birdfeeder. Love your walnut tree too. I hope it flourishes.

Deb G said...

Hope your walnut grows. I was going to plant sunflowers this year and never got organized. Maybe I'll still try, they grow fast.

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Nancy. Always fun to see other peoples' gardens. I'm thinking I'd like sunflowers next year too, they are so sturdy and cheerful.
best, nadia

Nancy said...

Leslie~ In the spring we had flax seed come up from the bird feeder! The walnut tree looks pretty 'ify' right now :(

Deb~ Oh Deb...plant some! Last year we planted them in July and they were fine (but we are in SoCal!)

Nancy said...

Nadia~ It is fun to step into each others world, isn't it?! These are my neighbor's sunflowers and they sure are cheerful! Today she told me they are about 9 feet tall!!!

Hoola Tallulah said...

What a wonderful surprise! Walnuts for dye?
I am growing sunflowers this year too, but they are tiny compared to yours, still wee seedlings.
The hand dyed bunting is gorgeous!

Nancy said...

Hoola Tallulah~ Ha! Walnuts for dye if we get that far!! Some of the sunflowers are now taller than their house! Wow!

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

so, it's been some does
the little tree fare?????
i wish i could grow one...

blandina (aracne) said...

My grandfather used to grow sunflowers to feed the chickens. As a child I liked to nibble the seeds but one day an uncle said that my tongue would stick to the palate if I continued and of course I stopped...
I hope that the nut tree will make it.

Nancy said...

Grace~ Yes, it's been many days and the little tree looks pretty wilted. But I keep watering it in hopes that it will perk up. I think you should plop a few walnuts in the ground & see what happens!

Blandina~ those seeds, they're delicious! I've been eating them for years :)
I hope the tree makes it too!