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This is an old project remembered tonight with Deb's and Liz's posts. Hands.
I recalled that I had this page saved in a draft, so came to look. All of the old links below no longer work. Additionally, I opted to give my panel to the project to go on future tours or ?  I didn't feel the need to have it back. As a result, I now have no idea what happened to it! Pre-Free Christmas Stockings and free Community Medicine Bags...this one was put out there into the world!
The children really enjoyed this project 🙂
Here are links that DO seem to work!

I'm sure there are more, but that's get the idea.
You know, years back I would have been so upset at not knowing what happened to the panel the children and I made. I am in a different place now though. I still love seeing their little hands!

Read on for the original page post:
I was thrilled to participate in this world wide fiber project!  I really enjoyed having the young children in my care get to be a part of it too.  I had many ideas of how to do this, but in the end, I was pushing a deadline and so streamlined my process quite a bit.  To see what it is all about and possibly get involved yourself, click on this link to the Dream Rocket.  Once there you can find my contribution by scrolling down just a bit...and looking in the center section for the search box titled 'find my artwork' for Newhall, Ca and you're there!  I hope you have fun exploring this worthwhile project's website!  I bet you too will be impressed by how many young people have been encouraged to make art!
                                                    All photos by NAE©2011


Follow this link to see our panel displayed at the "National Quilt Museum" in Paducah, Kentucky!   There you can see the listing for the other participants and view a slide show featuring the  beautiful variety of panels in the show!   

Our panel will be be at the Mundy Branch Library in Syracuse, New York 
from Feb.1- Feb. 29, 2012.  Follow this link to see the slide show of all the participants, along with all related information.

Once again our panel will be traveling!  It is to be displayed May1-31, 2012 in Durham, NC at the Durham County Main Library.  Here is the link
to this display, which includes the names of all participants, links to the flickr page and press release and a video slide show of participating panels.  I'm proud to be a part of this worthwhile project.  Maybe you'd like to create a panel too! 

Here is the link to the latest display of our traveling Dream Rocket panel.  It was in the Winfield Public Library in Winfield, KS from July 1-31, 2012.  Take a look at the slide show to see the many wonderful pieces of artwork!



  1. Hand prints can be such a wonderful thing...beautiful!

  2. Deb- Awww...thanks! I know you know hand prints, eh?!! Thanks for stopping by to read this.

  3. really like this hand-tree, and the doodle bird up in your header

  4. Saskia- thank you so much. That little doodle & this project has meant a lot to me!

  5. I love that this is still here, nearly a decade later ... still we are dreaming and those little hands have surely grown ... I hope they remember this time

  6. Liz~ A decade...still here and here again...that really is something. xo

  7. Well look at that! We were talking in a class about different kinds of love (and whether it was appropriate to tell children who aren't ours that we love them, usually when they have said it first), this is an expression love to me, so much love...

  8. Deb~ Ah, different kinds of love...I would have liked to be in on that discussion. I would say that if particular (positive!) feelings are there - express many ways. Can a child hear too often that they are loved? I myself don't think so. Also, will a very young child have memories of this or will it become more of a layer of self for that child, building a strong self esteem for future years? Maybe defining Love of children? What does that mean? Caring? As a parent, I would have liked to know that my children were liked, enjoyed, cared about...loved by those they spent their time with. I think the biggest consideration would be loving them AND remembering that we are not the parents/family. That's where I see teachers get hung up: they think they know what is best for the children, forgetting that said children are not theirs (well, or anyones!), but are a part of a family unit that has its own ways, traditions, culture etc.
    As for the Dream Rocket Project, it was so much love! I wish I could share their faces, it would paint such a more complete picture. The way they waited patiently for a hand tracing turn and noticing the resulting lines. I even took them up to the office, showing them their hands pictures on the website and reading off each of their names. They were so attentive and interested. We talked about whose hand was whose - giving each one of them a moment of being seen, of honoring. These young children are now 10 years older and I hope I was able to give them an experience that felt good and added to their positive sense of self, while inspiring an interest in making. Thanks for this comment Deb, you really got me thinking!

  9. You are welcome! :) I tend to think it becomes a layer, they don't really remember. And yes, very important to remember to have those boundaries. Although he's stopped now, one of the children liked to tell a few of us that he loved us. Most of us always responded with "love you too!" and it made him so happy. It's not the love of a parent, but of who he is as a person, and to me that comes back to self esteem... I bet that project is one that children remember!

  10. Deb~ yes, a layer. How sweet that that child felt/said that. Think about how cared for and safe he must have felt!


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