Sunday, December 5, 2021

A Woman's Prerogative


So, I changed my mind. What else is new?

Anyway, I went ahead and planted the four Holiday CMB today.

I went back to the Railroad Bridge bike/walking trail. It was so busy, it took a long time to wait for a quiet moment (remember, I like to be stealth!). There were many families there. In the parking lot, there was two little girls (maybe twins?) gushing over a black puppy. I thought they'd be great candidates, but they never left the parking lot. I finally figured out this was the meet up place to pick up their new pup. No wonder they were gushing!! Then there was the family with two young boys & their bikes. i helped explain this new to them bike path when the father asked if they could ride there. Of course! I thought they'd be great candidates too, but they rode right past them. I sat in the little table area for several minutes, enjoying the weather of the day and the amount of activity, healthy activity. Then I abruptly stood up, deciding it was not mine to see who finds the bags, it is mine to Give them. I went home.

It's funny how much they don't really jump out at you, yet they always seem to be found.

I've left many at this trail head in the past, mostly because it is a very easy walk, there is a lot of usage of this trail and they are so easy to hang here. However, I have yet to hang one from the exact same fence post! Plus, we're supposed to (maybe) get rain on Thursday! Fingers crossed, as we could use it. I wanted to give the CMB time to get gone!

I had to hide behind some large shrubs to plant them!

This photo above shows the large shrubs/tree (in front of the parked cars) that I went behind, so as not to be seen. To the left is a bit of the cover for the table area and unseen to the right is the trail head (where I hung the Christmas stockings). The big white SUV with the hatch up is waiting for the black lab pup. 🙂

It was a nice outing.

It feels challenging to write these messages, but I do find things worth saying.

I look to the natural world for solace during this silly season (as some call it).

The sky, the sunlight...the uniqueness.

A comment by Jude over at her place and my response led me on today's online search. I landed at Weaving a Life, where I explored for quite a while, remembering the Earth Loom from long ago. the YURT is completely amazing! Saskia, Grace it is a must see! The Earth Looms...inspirational. The masks a journey! I chuckled when I saw the Amulets...Yay! More Medicine Bags! I put the links here individually for easy exploration.

Weaving A Life





Season is everywhere! Silly is a kind word for my thoughts on all of this.

From over done, keeping up with the majority car decorations, to Black Santa treats to eat. What will be thought of next? At least the humor of the bottom pic was something to laugh at and maybe worth being 'naughty' for! lol Yum!

May you find the humor

May celebrate the beauty

May you have the freedom to change your mind


Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2021 


buysse maria said...

this is good , i said yeterday to myself the same curtsy to be onfriendly on everything my husband says or did .... what is the opposite ? i aks myself " change your way of handling , your mind , so thank you for those words

Marti said...

Earth looms, amulets, your giving CMB's for they not only give beauty in the weave, utility in the fact that tiny treasures can be tucked inside but words to take to heart...weaving connection...AND that brings me to yesterday:

Our landlord insisted on upgrading the sink, cabinet and medicine chest in our bathroom. Sure it had some scratches in the wood, looked worn but we were fine with it but he was not. Insisted on changing all of it and yesterday brought over his wife to help finish the work him and in getting to know her, serendipity came rolling in...

BECAUSE, She is a weaver. Told her that when we moved here, I attended a lot of craft festivals and fairs and met women from a weaver's guild, Las Aranas. When I went to such events, I always carried a small sample of my dyed cloths to share and so I did with Las Aranas,who in turn asked me to come to a meeting and give a presentation on my natural dyeing of cloth, similar to their dying of wool for their yarns...well I was too chicken to do this so never went.

Turns out my landlord's wife is a member of Las Aranas! When I told her that I always went to the Sheep to Shawl demonstrations at the New Mexico State Fair, she laughed and said she was a part of if this were not enough...

Our landlord had told her about my cloth work on the walls and she was so intrigued to see them. Looked at every one of them marveling how I get color from the gifts of the land and then she saw one particular cloth that stopped her in her tracks: She immediately recognized the cloth that I created in honor of my dear beloved departed author, Rudolfo Anaya. I had, for the first time, incorporated a photo as well as bits of grapevine, weeds and bark right into the cloth. The photo was of the actress, Miriam Colon, who had played Ultima in the film made from Senor Anaya's book, Bless Me Ultima. The landlord's wife instantly recognized Ultima and was very moved by this cloth and here is why: Rudolfo Anaya was her English teacher for two years when she was in high school. Said he was the kindest and best teacher she ever had.I simply cannot tell you how my heart swelled to know this.

So yesterday was a gift of unexpected joy as well as humor because our bathroom now is so over the top with a solid cherry wood cabinet and granite counter top with sleek black wooden medicine chest. The serendipitous joy in finding a connection through cloth and the admiration of a very special man, Rudolfo Anaya, just made my day.

Liz A said...

The amulets! Oh my ... and then I explored further and found something that reminded me of Jude's Considering Weave ... the loom as metaphor:

Dug around a little more, all the while thinking "earth looms ... earth looms ... where have a heard that before?" ... then it hit me: Deb Sposa's Artisun!!

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

love you and love this post...your stealth... I thought that someone should make a movie of you...this whole endeavor of love....Vimeo....

the LINK! Thank you and more love

Nancy said...

Maria~ You are most welcome. I find 'changing how I handle my mind' not always easy to do, but sometimes so worth the work.

Marti~ Wow, what great connections! I love this story!

Liz~ Aren't all of the spiraling connections just the best?!!

Nancy said...

Grace~ That stealth feels important to me. Yes, that link, especially to the YURT!!! So amazing!

Hazel said...

They look beautiful hanging on the wooden fence. I love that you left, although I think I'd be hiding in the bushes watching still! As always, enjoy seeing new to me plants from your world, and the links!

Nancy said...

Hazel~ It was tough, but I felt like watching, seeing who picked up a bag would somehow spoil the magic. I seem to forget that these quite typical plants here, may not grow everywhere.

ravenandsparrow said...

What a generous act! The anonymous gift to strangers is so very appropriate in this season especially. Your lovely little medicine pouches are treasures for whoever finds them. I enjoyed the weaving links too.

Saskia said...

I do wonder what folks think when they see you practicing stealth;-)

'dad, did you see the grey haired woman creeping about in the parking lot?'
'no son, and don't you go talkin' to strangers, ya hear me?'

love that yurt-doll-house xXx

Nancy said...

Dana~ So happy to have you out and about in blog land again! Yes, it is always a good time to be nice to each other. Weaving is sure wonderous!

Saskia~ Well, hopefully I'm not seen, nor caught on camera!! lol I knew that YURT would give you a smile :)