Sunday, November 21, 2021

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Morning drives this week were laden with fog. There were points I could barely see a half mile in front of me. The sun shrouded and glowing and headlights lit the way. It didn't help that there was also road construction and a closure, urging me to merge and watch my lanes closely and wind through a housing neighborhood, unfamiliar to me. It was a bit unsettling, especially after barely driving for 20 months.

The photo below looks like one of Dee or Deb's layered creations, yes? Instead it is a reflection captured in the windshield. Even in the thick fog, the city birds flew, swooped and landed in unison (roughly captured here).

~ Saturday ~

What a difference a day or so makes!

I have no idea what is reflected in my windshield below...perhaps a water bottle?

I was accompanied by amazingly delightful cloud shapes coming home. The fog finally cleared and the sun shone brightly through these white wonders. I love how the large one looks like a spine! ðŸĶī Bone clouds!

The second 'made for someone, but unable to gift it' bag went out into the community as a CMB on Sunday.

This recipient, like the last one, liked the idea of adding his to the CMB project.

He was very, very helpful to me recently by helping me get through some tech issues that I absolutely had to get through. Thank goodness he stepped forward to offer help, I really could not have completed what I needed to without him. I thought of the message below as I reflected on him.

We returned to Mentryville and I hung the bag very obviously on the sign near where you pay for parking.

There was a lot of action there today, so I'm really hoping someone noticed it.

I had to gently wedge it between the two parts of the sign, due the strong winds (note the blurry pic!).

🚗   ðŸš•   ðŸš™

Car radio music is often great on the weekends. There are programs dedicated to The Beatles, The Bob Dylan Hour (which we did not care for today as it was Dylan doing covers...I concluded by saying Dylan can do Dylan, not so much with others though!) and Tangled Roots, to name a few.

I listened to some of this program, hearing some of these songs while driving about taking care of things today. Some very fine music. With playlists like these, you can understand why I like this station. Plus, I've heard new to me music, that I really like, on this station over the years too.

I used to listen to Ann the Raven, while driving home from my sisters or from my friend's up north.

What excites me today is the fact that anyone who can go online can listen to this programing and more.

Isn't that amazing?

ðŸĨ° I'm listening now as I type ~ "Get Together" by The Youngbloods ðŸĨ°

Anyway, while driving to plant the CMB, the wind was so powerful, there were tumbleweeds and some sort of whirly-gig up on the power line pole. J.'s guess was that it was there to measure the wind through that part of the canyon, so the workers would know what tension to apply to the lines (we saw lots of bright blue rope where obviously work was being done). I never would have thought of that. For me, it is enough that it looks like a whirly-gig (as I love those) and has it's own 'contact' phone? and solar panel. Fascinating!

The Cottonwoods were shimmering in the windy sun.
I never tire of this.
Just now, as typing that last sentence, it came to me that the things that speak to your authentic self, always never tire of them...certain sights or scents or folks, they are a part of you. I sit here thinking and figure I could name one of these authentic things for each of you too.  Right now, I am truly grateful for this thought, for the things that are real, for each of you...and those for me too.

The crows were out in force today. They love the wind. I know this because on windy days there are so many more crows out and about, flying and frolic-dancing in the currents. Perhaps this is one of their authentic things?! In the two photos above, they came to perch, just for a moment, before taking off after the other.

🍁 The leaves did some dancing of their own! For some moments, the large, crunchy leaves were free-falling and coming straight at me, like some surreal amusement park ride. It was hard to capture those moments, but you can imagine. Woosh! 🍁

I'll end with some humor and a good idea!

First off, I wondered what part of these shoes WERE NOT vegan in the past? Boy, oh boy...jumping on the bandwagon with both feet on this one! I saw this tag a lot!

Secondly, I saw this tip from someone's Granma on my niece's twitter feed. What a clever idea! Perhaps I could create neat seams like Liz's if I did this!! 😉

May you hug the meaning

May you double over with the humor

May you skitter, dance, fall and do it all again


All photos NAE @pomegranate trail ©2021


  1. Always felt that there was a certain spirit of mystery and adventure regarding fog until I had to drive in tule fog:

    "tule fog is a thick ground fog that settles in the San Joaquin Valley and Sacramento Valley areas of California's Central Valley. Tule fog forms from late fall through early spring (California's rainy season) after the first significant rainfall. The official time frame for tule fog to form is from November 1 to March 31. This phenomenon is named after the tule grass wetlands (tulares) of the Central Valley. Tule fog is the leading cause of weather-related accidents in California."

    I remember one Christmas: I drove 124 miles to pick up my parents to spend the holiday with us. We lived in Sacramento, CA at the time and they lived in Merced County. Normally my husband would have driven but he could not take time from work that day so I took the wheel. I have never been a very confident driver...anyway, there we were, our girls were seven and were having a wonderful time, singing in the backseat with their grandparents; Me, well I was white knuckled driving through the cotton web of tule fog. The tule fog was so thick that I missed our exit and drove and drove, getting panicked. Finally I pulled into a gas station on the pretense of getting gas and asked for help and directions. (I had driven about 15 miles out of my way.)

    My parents never knew this was serious since they never owned a car or drove but let me tell you, I was ever so grateful to finally pull into our driveway!!! My husband was able to drive them back to their home and I breathed a sigh of relief.

  2. the Youngbloods Get Together brought me back to my best friend's house on Long Island, to one of the many parties we had there ... and then later, Don and I going to see Jesse Colin Young in concert when we were in college ... how we listened to the radio non-stop back in the day ... so yes, I can well-imagine you doing the same on your long commutes

    interesting observation on crows ... I never thought of that, but now I will look for them on windy days like today ...

    and yeah, that thumbnail marking ... I actually did a screenshot of a similar image several years ago, but what I've learned is to just trust my own inner sense of "what the cloth needs" (as Jude says)

    thank you for this morning's blessing ...

  3. Marti~ Ooh, what a scary story. I don't really like driving in fog and we usually don't get that much or the kind that sits so low. I did wonder if this too is some 'new normal'? You've reminded me of the low laying fog in No NV (I've written about it before) called "pogonip" ~ which is on the ground, practically, Frozen fog. So cold!! today is day 2...or 3? of high wind and windy. Yesterday an off roader accidently started a fire in Riverside. Fool.

    Liz~ Yeah, I still am not convinced that seams need to be so 'perfect', but I thought it was a good tip if one was trying for that! I do so love that song :) And you are most welcome.

  4. Grace~ Really what else is there? So simple. He was so helpful to me. I really appreciate that.

  5. I will keep close the idea of the authentic self.
    "I never tire of this"
    Thank you Nancy - for sharing your authentic day so richly. xoxo

  6. I've been looking at the clouds more than usual lately, grateful when there are big open views that give the feeling of more air to breathe. I don't drive much anymore, either, that fog might have done me in. (& love the clever sewing trick!)

  7. Judy~ Thank you for being here and reading and considering further too. I'm glad you're here.

    Hazel~ The sky today was amazing. Yes, I need Big Sky for sure! Now, I'm back to driving every day and it's taking some getting used to.


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