Monday, November 29, 2021

Good Idea

 At Liz's request and with the words of many of us in my head, I went back to 2011.

I clicked on June, thinking to join Jude in that same month.

This is what I found and it really could not be more perfect.

June 26, 2011

My blog, just over a month+ old, some of the same visitors - even with a name change!

Hi Hazel 😁

Like a pendulum, June 2011 was a tough time and a good time for me.

Something had ended badly and I had been about a year into this Spirit Cloth World as I used to call it.

I find it curious and important that we are still here, talking about some of the same things.

Really, this fascinates me.

But, I find it even more important...a treasure really, that we are still here together...

the community we've become.



  1. I think I will take a trip in the way-back machine myself…

  2. Glennis~ Yay! I can't wait to see!

  3. yes, we are still here. yay!

  4. Jude~ Yes, still here making and questioning and just going!

  5. Yes...I looked back too at felting yoursoul and indeed...ragmates

  6. Hi Yvette!! Yes indeed...Wow! What a long strange (great) trip it's been! I'm so grateful to have been on this journey with you my friend. xo

  7. i love it that way , to find a part of myself back in the others , thank you ( i wish a find this kint blog in my mothertong to )

  8. Maria~ It is amazing where can find bits of self, isn't it?! Yes the language difference must be hard. Thank you for coming here, where the language is caring. xo

  9. Hi Nancy! Catching up here... I could never have imagined the gift of this journey with all of you through the last decade, far beyond any of my dreams back then. oxo

  10. Hazel~ Right?!!! Me either. I remember the you of the old name, cloth of words, younger boys and the earlier teaching job...among other things. I like knowing the you through the ages πŸ™‚


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