Sunday, November 28, 2021


 24 Green Medicine Bags

54 Community Medicine Bags

52 Community Medicine Bags Planted

⏳ ⏳ ⏳ ⏳ ⏳



Easy to understand

Easy to hold and in the case of CMB, easy to let go...

I've completed the first two in the planned Holiday colors.

The red on the left is from Dee (Thank You so much Dee)

The red on the right and both the very thin white (Thank You again Liz) and the lumpy, but thin white are now gone. Used up. Served their purpose. I like that, the completion of that.

I still have to write the little tags for these two, but I added them to the counts anyway.

I usually make sure all steps are finished before counting them in the total counts, so I've made a note here to self, to keep track. For whatever reason, the accurate count matters to me.

⏳ ⏳ ⏳ ⏳ ⏳

My next plan is to complete 7 more to make a Christmas 9 patch-stash, before planting them.

This is like the first brown 9 patch, posted here 

and like I did with the first green ones for 9 patch number 2

I'm feeling comfort in the plan of that, but I better get weaving!

I look forward to using the deep, dark green that Dee sent and to making more finger-crocheted strands on my lunch breaks. It's soothing. Those two together will make a grand forest. I will picture the forest Crow and Weasel went through on their journey. The forest that caused so many challenges for them going one way, but a bit easier upon their return, with the help of another. I've just reread Crow and Weasel, by Barry Lopez over the past couple of nights. It is much on my mind. Every time I read it, a new story or lesson rises to the forefront. So, I shall plant a forest within the next few bags I weave.

⏳ ⏳ ⏳ ⏳ ⏳

I had a lot of thoughts with Jude's last post. Thoughts about art and who we are, what we we 'present' (my word) or share that. They have all evaporated for now. This is fine.

There is a loved elder, recovering from a stroke and unable to speak, yet.

There is elder B. next door doing his own recovering. He's had visitors, which pleases us very much.

There is a beloved elder dog, who sleeps in the South sun...some tail wags, some medicine treats and looks to those who adore him.

There is neighbor S. who lives upstairs, above us, and passed within the past two days or so. He liked music loud, brought in his plastic grocery bags two at a time, at a time and enjoyed a dip in the pool. He walked with a heavy footfall, slept odd hours and had a brother who own a Mexican restaurant, pre-pandemic anyway. He vacuumed thoroughly and employed the use of other machines. His family will miss him. We will miss hearing him upstairs, knowing he is well.

Knowing of other's wellness.

⏳ ⏳ ⏳ ⏳ ⏳

⏳ ⏳ ⏳ ⏳ ⏳

May you embrace each season as it comes


Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2021 


  1. Life is so fragile, not to be taken for granted. I have been thinking a lot about how we live, why we do the things we do. The announcement of another variant was hard to hear.

  2. Deb~ It was indeed hard to hear that. Makes it feel so unending. And yes, I meant to add those words to the post and forgot..."Life is so fragile". There are heavy footfalls again upstairs and the sounds of the gurney...
    Take care my friend.

  3. Thank you for honoring our pack member. He’s living every moment until he can’t❤️💔

  4. Cam~ Yes, every moment until...Sweet boy ❤️

  5. Finding these particular CMB's, red and green, will put wonder and joy on the face of the finder and that is a blessed gift. Equally blessed is knowing that while life is indeed fragile, people like you and your good man Jimi, extend a helping hand and heart, care about your neighbors, a special dog, and that caring acts like cotton batting, softening the fragility...

  6. and so we too listen through the ether ... each blog post a reassurance that all is well, or well enough ... life and death seem ever more real these days

    I remember the earliest days of the pandemic, wondering what I could do with what seemed like very little time left ... I felt frozen in place at times, unable to decide ... now I realize it is everything to just keep going ... to count the ways we leave our humble marks on the world

    may you keep counting

  7. Marti~ Yeah, holiday cheerful CMB this time! It is, yes, fragile and quick and unexpected in some cases...the new quiet is profound right now.

    Liz~ Yes, checking in on each other, that sigh of reassurance when a post has been made or a comment left. J. said how strange, just gone. I keep thinking that he was above us, unliving and we had no idea. Strange. I think of Michelle...
    This early AM, after noticing the lack of familiar sounds...I heard his bedroom window open. Really freaked me out. He always opened his window in the early hours.
    It is amazing how much we learn of each other, without really knowing. sigh


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