Friday, October 15, 2021


 These days...

we lean in to the old and comfortable

we participate in the new and brain challenging

we let our hands speak and our hearts listen

we learn and remember

we cherish...

These days we certainly cherish the people, activities, places important to us

we cherish what we've had and what we continue to have and our ability to travel on

we cherish the natural world around us

These days we appreciate the big, the small, the in between

we appreciate our movement and our resting...

we dwell in it all, in it all


Thursday, October 14, 2021 - Late Evening

We are big fans of Huell Howser over here, but y'all know that! Tonight's two episodes were about the Skunk Train, which looks like great fun if we are ever up North. It's pretty funny how many places we've been because of this man, Huell or how many times in our travels we've announced "Huell's been here!".

Tonight I even discovered, for the first time, that the Chapman University, which archives his videos, has a map of places he's visited! Now, that will give us something to do someday.

The second episode was about this farm near Fresno. It was such a beautiful, peaceful episode about a family peach farm. Just listening to David Mas Masumoto and his family reminded me of my last post, of so many of you and your posts too. He was so eloquent (as was his daughter), philosophical (in an easy to digest way!) kind. When I discovered he is also a writer, I went looking (of course) and spent time looking over his page at Amazon and reading more about their farm online. Here is the episode, perhaps you will enjoy too:

Masumoto Family Farm


Last night, a rather sleepless night. Awoke remembering a job of long ago. 

I was 20 and newly a job at a family owned pharmacy right next to my apartment. In fact, all I had to do was go through a hole in the fence and I was there! I don't remember much about the job. I only lasted 2-4 weeks, can't recall. It was a mutual decision - not a good fit. My main job duties were to manage the Hallmark Card Department. I had already worked in a Brand New Department store setting up the Hallmark Department from scratch, so no problem I thought. Ha. The husband/father owner was the pharmacist and the wife/mother owner spent time telling me How to keep up the cards and do the other tasks. "You have to put the envelope behind the card and make sure they are all in their correct spots". Really?! She watched me like a hawk as I did this simple task. When everything was in order, I was instructed to clean up the cigarette cartons. This meant I was to very neatly rip off the ragged edges of the opened boxes on the shelf behind the counter. I was not to ever be idle, between cards and cartons and dusting shelves of breakable knick-knacks. Their son who worked the register, was quite idle...he was mostly idle and he ripped open the cartons without a care in the world. He was a wonderful creator of ragged edges. He sat around behind the counter doing nothing and directing me. I did not care for him, nor he me. 

Who would have guessed that 40 some odd years later I would so enjoy sewing ragged edges.


I also awoke with a word.


According to, it is defined as such:


I find it interesting how pride can be both positive and negative.

This led me to thoughts of a favorite book: Life is So Good


Worried Man Blues


May your random thoughts be productive, in some way

May there always be music

May you lean in, reach out, hold up


Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2021 


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

lean in, reach out, hold up

Nancy said...

Grace~ What else can we do...for ourselves and for others? Big love to you xo

Marti said...

Well this brought back some happy and fun memories: When our girls were 7, (we lived in Sacramento, CA) they were totally fascinated by trains. I used to tell them stories of how when I was a little girl, My Dad would take me and my sister up to the railroad so we could watch the trains go by. He knew some of the crew and when they spotted us, they always tooted the horn which was a huge thrill.

The summer that our girls were 7, we traveled to Mendocino, especially to ride the Skunk Train. The train has two routes and we took took the one from Willits, the Wolf Tree Turn, a 2 hr trip through incredible redwoods and the Noyo River Canyon. It climbs up to the highest point, 1,740 ft. Somewhere in my box of photos and slides, is a photo of Rich with our girls in front of the Skunk Train, grinning from ear to ear, our girls wearing Railroad conductor caps. That summer we also visited the CA State Railroad Museum and rode one of the trains along the Sacramento River.

And David Mas Masumoto: years ago when we had just moved to TN, we got permission to dig up some land and plant a pretty good sized garden. Our landlord enabled us to go to the local co-op to buy seed and everyone was so helpful with advice and info,curious about these people who had come to this tiny, unincorporated place in TN.

I was consumed with wanting to read writings about land, seed saving, growing you own food, living sustainably: I had Barbara Kingsolver's book, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and in TN, at a thrift store I found a book titled, A Rich Spot of Earth", Thomas Jefferson's Revolutionary Garden at Monticello.

In the local library when I was researching more on the above topics, I found David Mas Masomotos's book, Epitaph for a Peach. The writing held me, honest, yet lyrical. One of my favorite lines from this book is, "all good farmers become connoisseurs of dirt and dust."

Nancy said...

Marti~ Oh such a wonderful comment today, rich in memories and did-bits of your life. I did not realize that the train reached such an elevation! J. had a conductors hat for years :) And
And David Mas Masumoto...such a gem of a man! (((hugs)))

Deb G said...

Pride...also a gathering of lions. :) I loved reading Marti's comment too. I don't think we every rode the Skunk train, which seems kind of funny to me. Maybe a matter of not doing the "tourist" things in areas where you grew up? (That would be my parents not me...I was three when we left the area).

Nancy said...

Deb~ yes, lions! Gotta love those collective nouns :) I liked Marti's comment too and still, even now don't dow half of the things available around here...the tourist things. I think it's the crowds and the cost for me.

Liz A said...

so first, Masumoto ... and yes, his books are at the Austin Public Library, so I've placed a hold ... thank you for that!

and I agree, may there always be music ... thank goodness I can actually comprehend music again ... these new hearing aids are a godsend

Nancy said...

Liz~ Ooh, you'll have to let me know how you like his books! I always think of you when I share music and music thoughts...super glad the new hearing aids have made it possible again :)