Friday, October 29, 2021



Making marks, keeping time

Connecting, remembering

Family, friends, all


I saw this on the news the other night and popped it into a post for later, as it is such a sweet lil story. I chuckled at her comment about her height moving down the door - "reduces as the years go by" (as I had just mentioned that over at Liz's art house) and how it makes a difference if you had your shoes on or not. Her desire for precision!


Huell viewing last night:

Snow Goose Festival

How could I not send this on to Grace, as it was right up by her in Chico, CA.

Makes travel look so good and feel so missed.

On my lunch break, I look up to see this most interesting tree. Do you see it? A few pink flowers left and some sort of fruit? seed pod? How had I missed it for two days, especially since I walked right under it?! It reminded me of a tree seen before, possible down to Coronado? I even think I wrote about the park down there with all of it's different kinds of trees, did links and everything! I looked and couldn't locate it though.  Oh well, no matter. 

I did another search...Google image search with my photo and it told me it was a "tree"!!

That gave me a good laugh.

I know I went through all of these same steps in the past and that probably Liz and Mo told me what it was, but my brain seems to be on high delete mode 😜

I met a young girl, age 4-something, TK class...everything she said about the 'monster' she was making with a variety of materials and 21 goggly eyes, was said with very wide eyes, her face an Exclamation Point!! Almost every sentence ended with "Of course!"

May you find happy little surprises, as long as they don't land on your head!

May you stand tall as you are in the moment

May you enjoy the circle


Photographs by NAE ©2021


Marti said...

How delightful to see Jean, the joyful keeper of her family's legacy via the cupboard door. I do hope someone will hold onto this unique family legacy.

It was quite the thing when I was growing up, 74 yrs ago. to mark heights on a door frame, especially in my house of tiny people. My Dad marked my height and my sister's height every year from ages 3 to 18. The day I passed his height, at age 14, he and my Mom were both 5'3", he put a star next to my name and height and laughed and laughed. (My sister never got taller than 5'2" so I was considered the tall one in my family at 5'4" ! I've shrunk now to about 5'3".

When my grands were little, they used to love to come up to me, hug me and measure themselves against my height. Now at the age of 12, they now surpass me in height and I laugh, just as my Dad did.

Liz A said...

what an intriguing tree ... I hope someone chimes in with an ID as I haven't got a clue! ... and how odd, that it is leafless and bearing fruit, but still flowering

Love the bookending of this post with the old and the young ... I'm pretty sure I'm shrinking height-wise, but my weight isn't going along with that trend

Nancy said...

Marti~ How sweet to hear of your father's laughter, and then yours. we marked our heights on the dining room doorway in our apartment when I was real young, by Jr high, we'd moved and we no longer did this. I think the longevity and inclusiveness of her cupboard door really touched me.

Liz~ I did find one possibility online for the tree, but I'd have to get a closer look at the trunk. I'm always amazed when the circles or connections show up in my posts, as I don't set out with plan for that when I begin writing :) And yes, I think I'm getting shorter...and wider! Like that old camp song "Deep and wide, there's a river running deep and wide..." lol

Mo Crow said...

looks like Ceiba speciosa aka Chorizia speciosa aka Silk Floss Tree usually has spines on the trunk

Nancy said...

Mo~ That's what I came up with too, Silk Floss Tree. I'll have to check the trunk though, as I don't recall the spines

buysse maria said...

NANCY you make me smile from ear to ear
" may you stand as tall as you are in the MOMENT
may yoy ENJOY the CIRCLE

thank for words with a GOLDEN circle

buysse maria said...

JEAN , bring me on a idea :
somme of the cupboard doors are hanging inside full with note papers
know i wil write somme poem words on the inside doors , the idea gif my extra enrgy on the changing hour day , 3 o clock become 2 o clock , if you can .....? sleep an hour longer

Faith said...

I saw an article with a picture very much like yours and the author researched and agreed it was a Silk Floss. The only difference is that the trunk on yours looks smooth in the photo and in their photo, it was unquestionably spikey. Further research shows that there are "thornless" varieties.

(LOL Brought to you by ADD.)

Nancy said...

Maria~ I'm so glad that you found smiles and inspiring ideas here! May your cupboard doors bring you Joy!

Faith~ Oh, okay, so 'thornless' varieties...that has to be it! Thanks for being persistent about it :) My eyes tire after too much, I had a Christmas Stocking to finish. (((smile)))

Liz A said...

so that would mean the silk floss tree pods are filled with cotton-y fibers?!

Nancy said...

Liz~ Yes! I think you are right! I'll have to go back into old photos to have a look-see.