Sunday, October 10, 2021

Green and Brown

 Today we went to sit, at the Mother's Day spot.

I took the new book I'm reading, but then left it in the car, knowing I'd be too distracted to read.

I'd also brought a length of the soft, fine green yarn that I've been finger crocheting recently.

I took that out with me, knowing that's what I needed to do.

This was part of the view, where I sat crocheting out the green...out onto the beautiful breeze,

thinking on Old Man Crow, thinking on Jude's 'man'...other men who are not well at the time.

I meditated on them, held them in my heart, in my working hands.

Then I noticed a wonderful site...

Can you see it?

Can you see the Heart?

I had to tweak this photo so it would show what our eyes easily saw.

A sky heart

A sky heart for all of us...

those who are ill, or struggling, or sad or filled with joy...

those who love.

It was the most peaceful time spent chatting a bit with J. and feeling the lovely breeze on my face...a time of looking for & listening to & identifying birds

crows, mocking birds, scrub jays

My hands worked silently, knowing this rhythm well.

As I sat and worked, I glanced here and there. My eyes fell to these leaves below and I thought I like brown too. look at how the light catches in some places, look at the shades of brown...for there are always 'shades' of color...always light within the darker tones. I had been at Sandy Gilreath's place earlier (traveled to from her comment left somewhere!) and was reminded of a green and brown quilt I began for my EX, back in 1979 and finished within the year by a dear friend, when I had moved away and could not do the finishing on my own. She reminded me how I do like Brown, still...yet, blues and greens seem to come to the forefront so much more. this led to the thought of how colors are assigned 'good' and 'bad' qualities in the world. But, that is a long thought for another day. Today, just the beautiful shades of brown side-by-side with some green filled me up.

On our way out, I left the only two CMB that I have (one I've shown recently, but here they are together).
You can see how I've been using the finger crocheted soft, fine, green yarn. I really like the texture it adds. Now I am thinking some of this same technique in brown would be grand.

I love how you really can't see them hanging in a space, until you are right up upon one.

If I knew how to circle things like Jude does, I'd do that. Instead, it's like an I Spy game! 👀
The white tags really help with visibility!

Today the gate did not hold one of my CMB, but another mysterious story all it's own!

One black shoe, with the gate wire run through it to keep it there.

I chuckled to myself imagining the one who lost it (did they hop home?) and the one who found it (How do I keep this shoe balanced here? Oh look, some wire!)

May you share what you love, who you love, how you love

May you hold the love of others, deeply and gently in your heart

May you be well in love


Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2021 


Mo Crow said...

(((Nancy))) such a beautiful post full of your deep hearted love

Nancy said...

Mo~ When I looked up and saw that heart...I felt as if my wishes for the best had been heard...I thought of the two of you in our "beautiful broken world"..."where love is the answer".
I'm glad you could sneak him a goodie bag!

Marti said...

Coming to this post was like going to a spa;it feels that comforting and healing. Greens and browns, solid, earth colors, spirit filled colors to me...and I had a funny vision of you hanging a CMB from the black shoe...Talk about an intriguing story!

It is so good that you had a chance to go to a favorite spot and simply exhale and inhale...does wonders for the body and soul and thanks for taking us along.

jude said...

a wonderful wandering filled with thoughts caught.
and that texture is marvelous!

Nancy said...

Marti~ Yes, indeed...that breathing in and out of the nature-filled air is the best! I chuckled at the thought of the bag and the shoe! Sound like a title for a mystery book! teehee Thank you for coming along!

Jude~ Yes, caught and then set free...
The bags are starting to feel incomplete without a bit of the crocheted yarn in there. I finished one last night, in which I added a thin blue crocheted piece. The blue is nowhere near as soft as the green though. Makes me look at my yarns a bit differently for sure :)

Faith said...

I used to not like browns much (after having moved into a house where it was obviously the previous owner's favorite color), but in recent years I have notices all the variations you mention, and really I do like brown. Especially the way nature blends it.

Nancy said...

Faith~ Yeah, I get that! I used to joke that I only lived places with brown carpet! Ahhh...the 1970's. Now I relate it to 'earth' and it grabs my heart. :)

Saskia said...

this post is almost like a lesson on 'how a walk in the wild offers great comfort'
namasté Nancy

Nancy said...

Saskia~ It sure does! One really knows when she needs a dose of Nature, yes? (((hugs))) to you Saskia!

Deb G said...

The shoe! That makes me smile. I also really love the hills and the fence in this photo for some reason, the way they layer/curve...something.

Nancy said...

Deb~ that shoe was a surprise! I agree, there is a swell curve there...kind of a winding that makes it feel softer than some of my other photos.

Liz A said...

that green ... I love that green and will surely miss it when the yarn is all gone ... but it will linger here and that is so very good

having just returned from northern New Mexico, I now realize your green is much the same color as the chamisa, cholla, and white sage in the high desert ... our friends, who had never been there before, gasped with the raw beauty of it all

such gifts

Nancy said...

Liz~ Oh I do hope you post lots of photos!! I still have a big fat skein of that green, so it will be a while :)