Sunday, October 17, 2021

All Shall Be Well

We went out today to return a coffee maker. This one only lasted 2 months. The two prior lasted 11-12 months, but we thought that was because they were the cheapest we could find. This one was not one of the cheapest.  We find this ridiculous. Anyway, the nation-wide, big box store...which is known for its generous coupon system, does not return "electronics" after 60 days. My time had 'expired' I was told. I stood there in disbelief. A product is only made to last for a month and after that you're on your own? Really? After a few questions and complaints and statements regarding standing by what you sell on my end, the manager agreed to give me a store credit "this one time only" so I wouldn't be "disappointed". I already was the manufactures, the store and her attitude. She was rude to me and unkind to the young gal who had started my transaction and then needed help. She was bossy, speaking to me like my expectations were so wrong. I heard her giving the same treatment to another woman as I walked out with my gift card. She was telling her that she'd let her return her fan..."this time". So, I now have a gift card in my purse and you can bet I won't buy "electronics" with it! Oh, and for now, instant coffee will do just fine!


Upon getting back in the car, I asked if we could take a short drive into nature. I needed to get the stink of that experience off. So we went right instead of left and headed up towards Mentryville and towards the Pico anti-cline. It is dry as a bone, but the geology is fascinating. We opted out of the $5.00 parking lot and stopped at the beginning of the road in. While he went for a short exploratory walk, I stayed back and watched a young girl and her daddy(?) park and head in on foot.

They paused to chat about what they were seeing and pointed out things of interest on the hills.

So, I planted a CMB on the gate, hoping she'd find it on her way back.

I considered hanging it right on their car, but thought I would rather give her the gift of 'finding' instead.

I hope she did.

The light on the Cottonwood trees and a beautiful red tree in a backyard along the road was amazing today. We discovered there are Walnut trees back up this canyon.

On the way back out, we stopped at a County Park, Pico Canyon Park.

It is a well-maintained park with lots of magnificent oaks and benches to sit and enjoy. While there I wondered aloud if there was a trail up to the top of the mountain...turns out there is! Online searching taught me that there are steps, which lead to big views! There seemed to be folks who come to 'exercise' there, along with one man asleep under a tree (that was a bit unsettling, just the way he was lying there in the dirt). But the steps and views...Oh, wouldn't that be fun! There really were such beautiful big oaks and good spots to plant the last two CMB I had with me. I can't believe we haven't done more exploring here, it's so close to home!

The wide open trails between the trees gave this place a feel different from other places we've been.

The blue sky through the giant oaks was really something.

On the way home, he ran into the store for a forgotten item and I sat...looking. Folks may see the view above, buildings, city...but this is what I saw...

I saw the painted clouds, wispy below the power lines...white against that bright sky...the green leaves reaching Grace was talking about, next to and with, but maybe not into necessarily. Thoughts. And out of my side window, I watched two Turkey Vultures circling, incredibly high in the sky. They didn't show up in the photo, but I kinda liked that. I like putting that big, wide open space here, holding nothing more than a memory, an idea of what you may imagine too. I thrive on Big Space.

Of course, in putting these thoughts here, I was led to some research based on what I'd seen, where I'd been and conversations here (a pride of lions commented Deb G) and over at Grace's. Here is a little of that pondering:

The quote below came from here:

Collective Nouns

"Vultures circling overhead, riding thermals as they search for carcasses are called a ‘kettle’. A group of vultures perched in a tree, meanwhile, are called a ‘committee’, a ‘venue’ or even a ‘volt’. Then, when the vultures descend to the ground to feed on a carcass they’re called a ‘wake’ which we think is beautifully descriptive. This makes a total of five collective nouns for a single type of animal, which is quite exceptional!"

Here is more information:

Turkey Vulture facts

This short venture out really helped get me back into my happier headspace!

The following quote came from the same friend who shared the Small Kindnesses poem. She sure shares great stuff. Thanks go out to her, again.

"All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well." 

~ Julian of Norwich, 14th century 


May you get out when you need to

May you walk and sit and be...and share

May that space between the leaves hold you for a spell


Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2021 


Liz A said...

Oh Nancy ... we are just back from New Mexico and these pictures feel so much like that ... and now I wish I had something like the CMBs to leave behind ... to leave a part of me where I so love to be ... I do hope that sweet girl found your gift

and the vultures ... I love calling them buzzards ... I zoomed in and saw the two kettling in your picture ... a memory of our floodplain, where hawks and buzzards and migrating sandhill cranes all loved to ride the thermals ... my heart would soar with them

Nancy said...

Liz~ Yay for your big trip! I hope she found it too :)
I love that you could zoom in and find them...hiding in plain sight! My son just let me know of all of the birds of prey that soar over his place. Nice.

Nancy said...

Just such a great post! Thank you for the vulture words! A wake, indeed. I just love seeing these medicine bags in the wild and that portrait is the man and his daughter was so fine. Would make a great prompt for a writing session. Could I use it? Have you seen the quilter who is leaving bedsized quilts “in the wild” for people to find? Another inspiring series. I can’t think of his name now but when I do, I’ll send it your way.



Dee~ Oh that does sound like a 'wild' project! ...a Wake, indeed :)
Yes, please do use it...can't wait to see what you do with it. xo

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

a BeautyFull post....Choosing to turn away and find
goodness and beauty.

it is so different, but reminds me so much of Michelle

shiborigirl said...

beautiful walk of discovery to cleanse the mind and heart. love the collective nouns! I did not know those terms.

here's a thought on the coffee makers- have you tried a french press? that's what i use and all one needs to do is boil water. after many years of using a glass one i switched to a stainless steel one(broke a few of the glass ones).

Nancy said...

Grace~ It takes time for me to learn that one, to make a choice for Me. She has been in my comments and responses - in my head ayway. (((hugs)))

Nancy said...

Glennis~ I will keep that in mind if he tires of the instant :) But, no glass over here! lol I love collective nouns.

Liz A said...

Hmmmm … what would the collective noun be for a bunch of Kindred Spirits meeting in the ether?

Nancy said...

Liz~ haha Thanks for the laugh and smile!

Marti said...

Sorry to be late here but on Sunday, woke up with a fever blister on my lip the size of a boulder and of course, that is the telling sign that I have a cold coming and it did: sore throat and the perfect voice for this time of year, a howling, graveling, froggy voice...lots of hot tea, homemade chicken broth with hot sauce and garlic and lots of rest...

It was so soothing to see this blog post Nancy: just looking at your CMB on the green railing felt healing as did the photos of sky, land and vultures...nature holds such magic and wonder.

The photo of the father and his daughter was so sweet, reminded me of R taking our girls for many walks along the American River when they were about the age of the girl in your photo.

This morning, at daylight, opened the drape in one of the windows in the living room and there perched on our fence, a road runner, so still that I stood for ages time, it must have sense me because it stood up, turned to face me, crouched down and then took off...took it as a good sign that I was going to feel better soon.

Nancy said...

Marti~ What a a wonderful story, well in the end anyway! Feel better!

shiborigirl said...

Liz A and Nancy- now you have ME started on collective nouns...

As for Kindred Spirits in the ether- i could go with:
a penumbra of kindred spirits

ha! it's the full moon that has hold of me perhaps!

Nancy said...

Glennis~ Ha. I'd have to spend some time thinking on it, but I like yours! When Hazel comes to the trail, she'll be all over this one :)

Liz A said...

Marti - I used to keep two books in reserve to read to my students when I had a gravelly voice from the inevitable sinus infections ... Smoky Mountain Rose (an Appalachian Cinderella with a fairy god hog) and The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig ... ha! ... and I love the clacking sound that roadrunners make ... such incredible creatures! ... hoping you are soon well

Glennis - As for a gathering of Kindred Spirits, a web came to mind ... but I'm really liking penumbra, which feels ether-real

Nancy - hope you don't mind me going on and on here, but your post is so inviting!

CatherinE said...

Being kind of new here (following Jude's Ragmates now), I had to look up "CMB" - Community Medicine Bags! What a great thing to do. I'm doing a bit of weaving, might be nice to make bags from my little samplers.

Nancy said...

Liz~ Not at all! This is one of my Favorite things about our spaces...the conversations. One of my fondest memories from years ago is a late night thread at Jude's that held lots of joking and laughter and for some! It felt like we were all really 'there' together. And I do not know that first book...but it sounds great! But, the The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad, so clever! I remember when it came out, my mom working at the bookstore...we all thought it was such a brilliant idea! Always brings up those good memories. As for Kindred Spirits, I like some kind of 'tribe' feeling, but don't know where that would go! haha

CatherinE~ Hi and welcome to the trail! It's nice to see you here. I always read your comments at Jude's and wherever :) Yes, there is a 'tag' for the CMB, if you care to read more of the posts. I'd love to see your weaving too! I don't see a blog for you though. Rats. Anyway, good to have you here.

Liz A said...

another one came to me: how about a klatch of kindred spirits?

Nancy said...

Liz~ Ooh, I like it!

Hazel said...

I love how you take care of yourself by going to nature and also with giving (I hope she found the CBM!). Some of your photos make me think of old westerns, the bright sky and hills don't seem real. I saw turkey vultures for the first time on Cape Cod, kettles of them flying over the beach one day- so cool (& a bit creepy!). And very glad you were able to get some sort of refund, ugh.

Nancy said...

Oh Hazel...I'm trying! Sometimes I learn slow :) Sometimes it does indeed look old west! In all honesty, I've had to adjust the colors a bit recently to make the pics see what my eyes did. I think my camera is getting old. Never seen turkey vulture, eh? It fascinates me how the wildlife differs from location to location. Yes, it's something at least. J. would love some new, softer towels!

jude said...

I swear, things are made to break these days. Some evil plot. What brand was it?
I have so many stories.
I love that pic of the girl and her daddy.

Nancy said...

Jude~ I totally agree! It was a Mr. Coffee. I also think they make things way to complicated! It was the brain that broke on this one! I looked into "percolators" electric (remember those?) and little camping ones!! Even those camping ones...there was too many choices and complaints of them not lasting, like the bottom starts leaking. Geez. My parents kept the same appliances Forever! Towels lasted years, like All of my teen years! Dishes, name lasted. I was raised to take care of what you have and use it for as long as it lasts, so all of this breaking really bothers me.
Thank you. I like that photo too. Making it B&W gave it such a both moment in time and timeless feel. :)