Monday, August 23, 2021

Once Upon a Time

 Once upon a time, there was a day. Then there was another day and another one after that.

Sunday...a short walk and the planting of 6 CMB.

I still have 3 ready to go. It's tricky to plant on the sly on the weekend. 

We went to the Free Christmas Stockings & previous CMB planting location, walking in from the trail head and over the bridge. We'd been here before, many years ago.

These 'rusty' bags are hard to see on the wood posts. Folks will have to be observant!

That may be tricky as well, since we saw many people whizzing by on bikes!

I haven't woven for a few days. I may have binge woven myself out for the moment. We'll see.

Only three photos this time, so you may have to really search. How much is enough anyway?


Sunday...when she was asked about the state of our country, it being able to heal...there was this:

"You cannot heal from trauma while you are still being traumatized"
~Mary Trump



There was this article in my inbox, the ever-present conversation on self-care...of ways to get through...

The Power of Upward Spirals 

Who knew there was the opposite of spiraling down?! Ha. How comforting, but more intentional work in my opinion. Like a set of spiral stairs or a spiral slide on the playground, it's always more work going UP!


Note~ We're at 80 degrees yesterday & today, moving back into triple digits during next week. The weather man actually said it would be getting drier! Sorry to say, this made me cackle out loud. I mean, really??? Right?! Oy.


I read this little book the other day. It once belonged to my son. I believe I always liked it more than him. Anyway, all of my researching on the Tataviam rock reminded me of this little book. It was so well thought of when my children were young. So I read and then went off to learn more! The author lived with the Navajo Nation and seemed to put a lot into getting that right. Reviews from teachers often raved. I discovered in depth lesson plans available online. But, there were a few things that stood out to me and had me thinking twice.  The biggest was that the best friend of the main character was Jewish and that was treated with a different level of respect. As stated by the main character, neither boy is very involved in their cultural traditions or active spiritually...they are more 'observant'. I didn't have a problem with that, what rubbed me the wrong way was the depiction of this boys family as being both cheap (parents) and flashy with their money (grandfather). I was actually surprised he got that so wrong, but it was written in 1988. However, this was the reason I went looking online and nowhere did I see that mentioned. There was also an odd misrepresentation of the Memorial Day Holiday and the cover illustration. Throughout the book the importance of certain plants was threaded. Pinon, sage, yucca and cedar. Now, maybe I'm just getting too picky in my old age, but really?! So easy to say put a sage bush on the cover or to tell other 'cute' family stories that don't have the characters hoarding free sugar packets! I still like the book, just not as much as I had remembered it, and I think these critiques of mine could be an invitation to more conversation in 2021. Sigh. I would be hated as an editor and a lousy writer as I strive, strive, strive.

It seems my old favorite books like this one and The Egg and I look very different from today's eyes. Mmm?

May you keep thinking and refreshing your vision


Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2021


Liz A said...

I recall reading that authors have virtually no say in book cover illustrations ... which are all too often all too wrong ... heaven forbid the illustrator might actually read the book first ...

and yeah, it's weird reading old favorites from the perspective of today's understanding ... and still we have so much more to learn

Nancy said...

Liz~ Yes, I remember learning that too (back when my mom worked at the bookstore), but it bugged me this time because it was an important part of the story. As I recall, the author also often doesn't have any choice in illustrator for their picture book. That really feels's a picture book after all!
This 'old favorites' syndrome really perked up last summer with my personal combo of George Floyd, Justice Issues...etc. & my mega reading days! Nice to see you back :)

Liz A said...

my first day back home was spent reading back in the Kindred Spirit blogs ... such a good homecoming

Nancy said...

Liz~ So glad to have you back!