Thursday, February 18, 2021

Wednesday February 17, 2021

We started out with a plan.  We'd head North to a nearby lake to bird watch. It was so windy (gusts up to 50-60 MPH I later learned) and coolish - for here (51-64 degrees. depending where on the drive we were). The weather played some tricks with my asthma a bit, but this turned out to be more drive than an out of the car adventure.

Wind in the palms
That far shore is where I spent many a sunny day as a teen. 
Our plan of going down to the lake to hang out for a bit was changed when the cost to park was discovered!

These hills are the ones I've recently photographed from afar.

We headed back home, down one of the roads we've been exploring and I've posted about.

This time though we traveled in the opposite direction as we have in the past. This made things look so different to me. Just like the western author Louis L'Amour used to write, the trail going back never looks quite the same as the trail heading out. During the late 1970's - early 1980's I loved his westerns and read all of them. To this day I think of his writing and what I learned from it and I still look for the animal trails while on the road and make sure I glance backwards now and again, in case I need to find my way back.

Trail through the canyon. The wind about blew me over the edge!

There's actually a road way down there and maybe water?

We drove through the burn area again. Even if it's not atypical for the trunk to be this red under it's bark...this scar, this scene of charred trees made me sad.

As I've said, I'm the navigator on these trips. But, on this one I told J. that it must be like riding with a dog as my head turns this way and that watching for wildlife, trails and interesting discoveries. I love being the passenger and am forever grateful for that opportunity.
This sight had me hollering to turn around so I could understand what I'd just seen.
A dried, dead Joshua Tree, a sculpture. 
There were so many crows on this drive. They looked like they were having a ball playing in the wind. And there was one hawk, which I think was a young Cooper's Hawk.
What a delightful ride! I wonder where we'll go next?
May you discover the new on old trails
May you look ahead towards your goal, may you look back now and again,
but may you live in the moment.
Photographs by NAE ©2021

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