Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Slow Change

A drive today, to someplace we haven't been in quite some time, many years really.

We have driven by the turnout on some drives North though.

Blue skies, sunshine and 67 degrees...perfect. 

It's actually an old paved road, so an easier stroll (a walk-about? a hike?). Plants grow up through the old asphalt, showing us how Mother Nature would reclaim if humans were gone. The sage and other native plants were larger than last time and rather dusty-dry looking. Yet, the vast land also looks timeless. There were beautiful succulents, tons of Yucca plants in various stages of dying off and even this beautiful Bay Tree (above).

I took the 'word cloth' with me, so I could try to get a decent photo of the whole thing. The lighting in my house isn't great and I have no outdoor space, so this was a good solution. Plus, Jude reminded me of cloth ceremony, which I haven't done in so long.

Others before us did art of their own.

A bright sun, in a brilliant sky

Trees thinking it's spring

Far off islands in the reservoir

Litter turns out to be a howling wolf, which I take to throw out - but decide it may be a good collage piece (thinking of Dee and Acey). Ahrooo....

May you keep a wide view and lean in for a closer look

May you take art with you, wherever you go

May you howl


Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2021


Marti said...

What a gorgeous sky and what a good drive. Ceremony/Ritual is such a good feeling and to my mind, necessary, especially with cloth...taking your wonderful cloth and having it greet the sky, the sun, the land; releasing blessings...your last photo, the wolf so fitting as the last full moon was known as the Wolf moon.

deemallon said...

Gorgeous pix. And to see cloth in sun on tree? Perfect!

Liz A said...

love this idea to take cloth for a stroll ...

Nancy said...

Marti~ Thanks Marti. I totally agree, it felt good to take it out with us. I used to take cloths and woven bags 'out' a lot more at the last home, but I believe I will make more of an effort to do so in the future. I especially recall taking the cloth for Wendy's kids out to Emma Wood, out to the sea. It felt so right. I thought of the wolf moon too :)

Dee~ Thanks. It was sure a gorgeous day to be out!

Liz~ It was a good solution to no yard/land of my own :)

Hazel said...

That sky! What a great field trip you had. Your cloth looks beautiful in the sunlight. I hope it holds the memories of this day for you as you continue with it.

Nancy said...

Hazel~ Right?!! it was so beautiful. I found it interesting that some words launch themselves out at you while others fade in and out. Taking pictures sure helps with that memory thing. ;)

Saskia said...

those blue skies!
great drive, magnificent views...my favourite being the one with the far off islands in the reservoir, with glimpses of the meandering road, full of promise.....

Nancy said...

Saskia~ Yes, I agree, beautiful blue skies! I'm glad you took in those islands. I was enamored with them :) We drove down that road and around the reservoir, where the islands seemed so much bigger!