Friday, February 19, 2021


We got a little plant, which we're trying out on the kitchen counter - seen from the living room. I've said for months on end that it would be nice to have something pretty to look at right there, instead of just the kitchen sink. I loved that one of this plants names is the Mother-in-Law's Tongue ~ pointy and sharp in looks. I had a mother-in-law like that once. I am hoping it will get enough light there and be able to claim that corner as its home. After all, the Jungle table is bursting!

You remember the wolf below, which we found on a recent drive/walk here

First J. picked it up to have a look, then we took it to throw it away, then I kept it as a collage prospect. It was floating around the house, as I considered how I'd use it. I wanted wolf to be howling out 'something', but wasn't sure what that was. Then while over at Acey's place, I saw her page of hearts for Valentine's Day. Yes, of course I thought. Wolf could be howling out LOVE. when I pulled out my small collection of collage papers, it all just fell together.

I found papers to represent things I love, besides the howling of a wolf. I made hearts out of an old piece of water colored paper that's been giving me love since the 1990's! How do I still have some of it? I also made hearts from "map" scrapbook paper, also about that old. These represented my love of being on the road...out in nature ~ night on one page, morphing into day on the next. I used textured looking papers from old quilt magazines to fill in.

On the daytime side, the traveling hearts floated over to a road trip and more textured quilt magazine hills and naked, symbolic trees. The collage box also held a photo I'd taken of a hawk on a lunch walk in Goleta, CA. Perfect. Perfect choice for my daytime wildlife!

Done, or so I thought. About an hour or so later, after everything had been put away, I remembered the last paper I'd meant to add. So, back to the cupboard I went. I added an wobbly shaped orb to represent the sun. I love sun.

I was glad to fill in some of the space in that corner. I also considered adding branches to the symbolic 'trees', but let it rest for now. It'll probably stay that way.

On a last note (which may be here in this blog somewhere, but since I can't recall, I'm adding it here), this is "The Board". I purchased this when my some was a toddler. It cost 2 bucks at a yard sale and was missing the wooden stand even then. Both of my children and I have used it all of these years. This board has been a place, a base for art making, puzzle building, block towers and more for almost 39 years. It made the move 2 years ago under the categories of 'useful' and 'sentimental'. I'm glad to still have it.

 Thanks Acey for the inspiration. This was fun to do. 

May you remember to have fun, we need that these days. 

May you share the love.


Photographs by NAE ©2021


Marti said...

Pretty pot for your Mother in Law's tongue aka known as snake plant that simply gives me Mom had a large one but we never told her that it was also called a snake plant because she was deathly afraid of snakes and passed that fear along to me. She was bitten as a young girl tending sheep in Spain, not a poisonous bite but it traumatized her. My Dad would read the newspaper before handing it to her and always read his National Geographic magazine first in case there were photos of snakes so he could cut them out...R doesn't do that for me but I sort of have gotten over gasping when I come across a picture but still cringe and feel yuk!

What is not yuk is the great wolf and heart collage; wild hollowing wolf with the sweetness of hearts, love this.

Mo Crow said...

Ahroo! Ahrooo!

Nancy said...

Marti~ Isn't it something how those fears can stay with someone for so long after the actual threat is gone. Humans are fascinating. The little pot is actually from the dollar store. I was pleased with that find :) Yep, howling out love!

Nancy said...

(((Mo))) ~ I thought of you for sure!