Wednesday, February 17, 2021


 Imagine a drive through geology and history

Down roads, through time and space,

where what you may be seeking, may not be what you find


I decided to go online, searching for other quite local places we could take drives and go exploring. I found the website below, which has lots of choices and information. We decided on a drive up Soledad Canyon, a big loop.

Suggested Drive 

 He enjoys and is knowledgeable in the geology aspect. I just want to get out!

Notes were made and off we went. We actually didn't find many of the places or rock formations mentioned in the article (not that it matters), but we found enough and we got a good lay of the land for future trips.

NOTE TO SELF: A smart phone would come in handy during drives like this.

Imagine a delphinium sky with tissue paper clouds

Imagine them stopped on the side of the curving road

Imagine him looking one way, with binoculars and her, head tilted back, as far as possible

Imagine the 67 degree breeze blowing her hair as she shields her eyes to the sky

Imagine a trio of red tail hawks, circling 

Imagine the three of them tilting, weaving in and out of one another while riding the thermals

Imagine her heart full to bursting, for these birds are her heart vision

I'm the navigator and one who hollers to STOP. It may be nature related or in this case a photo opportunity. I am sure this building has history, a story...but I don't know/care what that may be. I saw it as a photo, a scene.


Rock Formations

More Views

Juniper Berries
On this day, we saw tons of juniper bushes, some with a few berries, some completely loaded like this one!

Houses push further and further towards the base of the hills.
What's this I spy?
Oh, a place to sit and enjoy the outdoors.
For some reason, this felt more like a 'placement' than a dumping.

Imagine those two driving through another canyon, heading towards civilization

Imagine a tight well-traveled canyon, oaks and various other trees and a spattering of homes

Imagine two hawks flying low up the canyon, right above their car roof

Imagine the two of them practically ducking, expressions of amazing lighting up their faces.


May you imagine!




Photographs by NAE ©2021


Mo Crow said...

(((Nancy)))your juniper berries had me singing Donovan's 'Jennifer Juniper' from ever so long ago, thank you!

Hazel said...

Getting out more recently has reminded me how important it is to do just that during these times. That building is a beauty, I'm drawn to collapsing barns- wondering their old forgotten stories...and I did imagine you lounging on that sofa for a glamour shot!

Nancy said...

Mo~ Ha. I was humming that too. They were so beautiful.

Hazel~ Getting out is what is needed right now and I love old barns too. There was a 100 year old barn across from my place in NV and a giant pasture were there were not only cows, horses, but hot air balloons would land. That barn has a lot more stories, I'm sure.

Liz A said...

the power lines on the "Rock Formations" picture give a sense of the immense scale ... but the barn ... I love the barn

Nancy said...

Liz~ Yes, for sure. There were more of those rock formations on our drive yesterday. I may just need to research that barn! It is pretty cool. :)